Mellow Oil Full Spectrum CBD Oil 30ml with 1200mg Cannabidiol / 40mg CBD per mL
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Mellow Oil Full Spectrum CBD Oil 30ml with 1200mg Cannabidiol / 40mg CBD per mL

CAD $ 59.99 or subscribe and save up to 10%


Mellow Oil Full Spectrum 1200mg CBD Oil delivers all the benefits of cannabinoids in a format that is convenient, safe and easy. Extracted from organic, non-GMO hemp using the latest in nano extraction technologies.

Each dropper is 1ml / 40mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Half Dropper: 0.5ml = 20mg CBD
Full Dropper: 1ml = 40mg CBD


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Full spectrum CBD oil with naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and more in every drop. Mellow’s premium hemp extract oil tincture is designed to help maintain your overall wellness. Mellow uses quality natural ingredients to ensure you have the absolute best hemp extract oil possible.

INGREDIENTS: Fractionated coconut oil (MCT) oil, Organic non-GMO industrial hemp derived full spectrum cannabidiol oil, Organic filtered hemp seed oil.

Formulated in Canada.

66 reviews for Mellow Oil Full Spectrum CBD Oil 30ml with 1200mg Cannabidiol / 40mg CBD per mL

  1. Richard B. (verified owner)

    my daily for arthritis

  2. Janie R (verified owner)

    Love your product and how fast the delivery was.

  3. Stephen C. (verified owner)

    Great quality and price!

  4. Robert C (verified owner)

    Very disappointed in this order. It tastes like pure hemp oil, completely different than my first 2 orders. Also you changed the dropper.. it’s cheap and doesn’t work correctly.
    I won’t be buying any more product like this

  5. Fabiola T. (verified owner)

    Since the last 5 years that oil has change my live having since the last 30 years lived with Fibromialgy

  6. Gary C. (verified owner)

    Great service and product

  7. Daniela K. (verified owner)

    The quality of this product is good and it does help with my insomnia (without any associated high, buzz) but it has a very bitter/burnt taste. Therefore I only a 3 pt review.

  8. Ellen S (verified owner)

    Easy ordering, fast delivery.

  9. Cody L. (verified owner)

    Great customer service and the product is great aswell!

  10. Christine S (verified owner)

    The only cbd that actually makes a difference in my arthritic pain! Love it:)

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)


  12. Margaret (verified owner)

    Helps me with my sleep.

  13. Jeff A (verified owner)

    very happy with quality and value

  14. Ilgi G. (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product. I’m not only sleeping very well but all my pain is gone, I wake up like I was at my 40s!

  15. rachel (verified owner)

    Helps alot

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very happy with the quality and customer service…always prompt to respond to questions and very helpful!

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very helpful! Great service! Fast shipping! Thank you!

  18. Edmond L (verified owner)

    great deal

  19. Fabiola T. (verified owner)

    With my Fibromailgie, I take this CBD oil daily and since the last 2 years and it changed my life !!

  20. Leona (verified owner)


  21. Janice M. (verified owner)

    Expensive for the doses…

  22. Jacques A (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the high quality of this product. Awesome!

  23. Margaret (verified owner)

    wonderful for a good nights sleep.

  24. Brianne H. (verified owner)

    Great product. Really helps with my joint pain and inflammation

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Helps me sleep better with less pain.

  26. Andrea M. (verified owner)

    Using each night and it’s been helping a great deal. Couldn’t escape joint pain before but this has really helped

  27. Dave (verified owner)

    New to CBD so not sure around how it will address my needs yet

  28. Jason (verified owner)

    great service!

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Mixed up address otherwise great service

  30. Margaret M (verified owner)

    small amount improves my sleep.

  31. Carol (verified owner)


  32. Margaret M (verified owner)

    very effective for sleep, I love it.

  33. Deborah H. (verified owner)

    Helps me gently relax to go to sleep. Very quick delivery to Ontario! Great customer service; answer questions right away.

  34. Margaret M (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this product.

  35. Devin S. (verified owner)

    Shipping was very fast not sure if it’s working yet so can’t rate higher

  36. Christine (verified owner)

    Thank you !! This product is so effective in helping me to fall asleep every night and stay asleep for the night!

  37. Margaret M (verified owner)

    Wonderful products and customer service

  38. Joan S. (verified owner)

    Great price and seems to be helping my pain. Thanks

  39. Dakota W (verified owner)

    Used for nearly a month, got up to a 70mg dose each day, Didn’t work for me

  40. Derrick R. (verified owner)

    Great quality and fast processing for delivery. Price point is in line (wish it was more affordable) with other suppliers. Would love to really take a lot of it and document the improvements……..

  41. Samantha (verified owner)

    Works well to help with pain caused from arthritis.

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed!

  43. nelson fry (verified owner)

    helps with the foot neuropathy

  44. DAVE R (verified owner)

    Improved my sleep

  45. Ivan (verified owner)

    Really great products and services.

  46. Jim (verified owner)

    great product

  47. Paul (verified owner)

    Just got my purchase very pleased with the delivery it only took three days that’s with the holiday Canada day and got a free bar of CBD soap with my purchase thank you for that. I heard good things about this company so I will give another review in about a week or so and let you know how this full spectrum 1200 mil CBD for what I heard I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a new client to this company And a customer service is fantastic Thanks mellow

  48. Firouzeh P. (verified owner)

    This product works fast for overall ache and pain caused by mild to medium inflammation. I bought it to help me with migraine headaches. It seems this tincture helps to reduce some pain and frequency of migraine but not enough to get it under control.
    If any one has experience with higher dose or other type of CBD products, I would really appreciate the info.
    Overall , this is a good product and helps very good with general aches and pains.

  49. Nancy (verified owner)

    Does not work, used a different brand before and worked so much better


    We’re sorry our product did not work for your needs, and we will process a refund immediately as per our 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Note that our Full Spectrum oil formulation focuses on only trace THC content, and you may be used to Full Spectrum CBD that has more THC.

  50. Trevor (verified owner)

    First time customer, first rate customer service and delivery. Testing products now and will complete review following.

  51. Ivan E. (verified owner)

    A bit too expensive but the quality is there. Hoping in drops in price for returning customers like myself. Thank you for the great service though.

  52. Jeff D. (verified owner)

    Powerful stuff and high quality. This is the real deal.

  53. Pierre G. (verified owner)

    First class product, I enjoy the graduated dropper too.

  54. Rhien D. (verified owner)

    Good product

  55. Carl W (verified owner)

    I like it works good.

  56. Deborah H. (verified owner)

    Very helpful for anxiety and sleep. Easy to take. Great delivery service and if you have a question, these folks are friendly and helpful.

  57. Mary Anne B (verified owner)

    Helped me sleep

  58. Sally-Jo (verified owner)

    Good product.

  59. Sally-Jo (verified owner)

    Good product. Good price.

  60. Deborah H. (verified owner)

    Very helpful for pain and anxiety. Also found it helpful for restless leg syndrome! Quick delivery! Great public relations folks!

  61. Sheldon

    This is now my go to cbd! Everyone I recommend this too agrees with me!

  62. Margaret D. (verified owner)

    Very good quality

  63. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was most disappointing. I do not think that full spectrum CBD derived from hemp offers anything remotely approaching an entourage effect. It is the second one I have tried and neither provided any evidence whatsoever of this effect. Given the price…

  64. Anonymous (verified owner)


  65. Shirley (verified owner)

    Was delivered very well. This is the first time I have taken it. If I sleep tonight I will be happy

  66. Gayle (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my husband who has bad knees and aching shoulders! It has helped him so much, he is no longer sore and achy! It worked so well I decided to try it and I am also very pleased with the results. I have now ordered my second bottle…. so I certainly recommend it’s use!

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