Mellow Oil PET + HEMP with 600mg of Pure + Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract rich with Cannabinoids 30mL bottle / 20mg per 1mL
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Mellow Oil PET + HEMP with 600mg of Pure + Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract rich with Cannabinoids 30mL bottle / 20mg per 1mL

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Mellow Oil’s PET+HEMP 600mg Cannabinoid Rich EXTRA STRENGTH Hemp Oil is a blend of pure and broad spectrum hemp extract rich with cannabinoids blended with cold pressed hemp seed oil and coconut derived MCT carrier oils – perfect to add to dog or cat food every day. It’s perfect for larger animals with a cannabinoid rich formulation is extracted from non-GMO hemp using the latest in nano extraction technologies, that can be used to support your pets overall wellness, joint inflammation and healthier fur.

Cold pressed virgin hemp seed oil offers additional benefits in addition to the pure cannabinoid formulation that helps relieve joint and hip pain, offers anxiety support and promotes a healthy coat.

Suggested use: Approximately 0.2mL daily for every 5lbs of weight. Increase dosage as required.

Full Dropper: 1ml = 20mg CBD

Refrigerate to prolong shelf life.

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Mellow’s premium PET + HEMP 600mg oil is formulated to help maintain your pets overall wellness, using our premium cannabinoid rich pure and broad spectrum hemp extracts, organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil (human food grade) and organic coconut derived MCT oil. It has a mild flavour that is easier to manage than the fish oils that are also rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

INGREDIENTS: Organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, Organic fractionated coconut (MCT) oil, Hemp derived pure and broad spectrum cannabinoid extract

Bottle colour may vary.

25 reviews for Mellow Oil PET + HEMP with 600mg of Pure + Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract rich with Cannabinoids 30mL bottle / 20mg per 1mL

  1. Richard B. (verified owner)

    little leo gets a little with every meal

  2. Sinead M. (verified owner)

    Seems to be helping my cat with her anxiety and allergies! Definitely will be keeping up with this!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My cat has been on this for 1 week. I haven’t really seen any results yet.. I purchased it for allergies/inflammation. She likes that taste so that’s good! Going to wait a couple more weeks and see how it goes!

  4. Suzanne (verified owner)

    Je suis très satisfaite du produit, ça fait immédiatement effet à ma chienne de 12 ans pour ses douleurs dû à l’arthrose. Merci

  5. Melissa (verified owner)

    Happy cat! 😺

  6. Tim (verified owner)

    Quality product, fast delivery.

  7. Andree P (verified owner)

    Fait vomir mon chat même en très, très petite quantité.

  8. Rosemary S. (verified owner)

    Just started using this a couple of days ago. Hoping this helps our old girl. Today she seemed to walk a little faster but it may be just hopeful thinking.

  9. Michael (verified owner)

    Excellent product.

  10. Jim S (verified owner)

    this is working wonders for my Keno

  11. Mark O. (verified owner)

    good stuff for my older cat

  12. Lauren (verified owner)

    CBD is mild enough to use on my cat, we introduced it slowly and are now at 3 drops per meal. I was surprised how quickly the product was delivered!

  13. Tamsin (verified owner)

    My dog is recovering from surgery and this really helps take the edge off and helps her to relax

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Seems like a quality product.

  15. Patricia D. (verified owner)

    Amazingly quick delivery, dog seems to be improved in movement and energy

  16. Philip M (verified owner)

    It’s been 4 days since we started using the Mellow Pet CBD. There is a general overall improvement in his whole manner. I look forward to seeing more positive steps and will weight back in with an update. Thanks to Mellow for going out of their way for a first time customer. Professional service is alway appreciated.

  17. Claudia M. (verified owner)

    I had an excellent experience, service was wow. Your sales agent went above and beyond looking after my new order and straightning out mix info on my previous order fixing it, plus a nice coupon on top of it all during a trying time, will reap for you huge Blessings team. Thank you for your beautiful ❤️. 10 stars for your customer service.

  18. Charles (verified owner)

    There pet tinctures are Fire 🔥 skin rashes anxiety anxious depression my dog 🐕 and our friends have changed in great way there fur coats are shiny and there happy no more issues with having to go to the vets or any other issues thanks Mellow you guys are the best by far thanks

  19. Charles (verified owner)

    The dogs love the pet tinctures for sure gets rid of there skin rashes and Ramseys anxiety the dog and the cat love it 😻 to it helps a lot with Timbers pain to as he is not limping anymore and there a huge improvement in both of them. Thanks Mellow Another Happy bunch of Furry Friends over here 😀

  20. John M. (verified owner)

    It worked wonderfully for my 11 yr old lab who suffered from kidney and heart disease. Also my friend was able to get his Sheppard completely off pharmaceutical drugs for anxiety.

  21. stuart (verified owner)

    Great service

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My senior dog absolutely loves this, he comes to me to remind me it’s time to take his oil. He’s a 9 year old 100lb chow chow who has arthritis and I started with 10 drops in the morning and 10 drops evening. Now he takes 15 drops morning and 15 drops evening.

  23. Samantha B. (verified owner)

    Works well to help with my cats anxiety issues

  24. Emma M (verified owner)

    We started giving our nine year old female Doberman Mellow CBD Tincture three weeks ago. She has suffered from arthritis for a number of years. Due to her high liver numbers our Vet. did not feel she should be given an NSAID. She had extensive knee surgery when she was three, which has gradually become larger and more painful. Because we lost our older Doberman to cancer, we welcomed a puppy into our family. The boisterous puppy has been physically quite hard on Ginger.
    As a retired pharmacologist, I have been extremely skeptical about the anecdotal claims made for cannabis and specifically CBD. I am now a convert and a believer. After three weeks treatment with Mellow pet CBD, our nine year old demonstrates the vitality of a five year old. She moves more freely, has much more energy and plays with the puppy. The pain she has suffered with for years is no longer evident. Now she plays with the puppy and can even jump onto the chesterfield. As our Vet. said “you have your girl back.” Thank you Mellow.

  25. jhall (verified owner)

    I bought this for my sister’s dog, who has syringomyelia. Since starting this, his seizures and tremors have decreased in severity and frequency. He also has arthritis (he’s nearly 12), and it seems to have helped with that as well. Today we noticed his hyperkeratosis has been good lately (on his nose) and we are thinking it’s due to the CBD oil.
    Thank you BuyMellow for making a zero THC, made for pets product. Everyone’s “mileage will vary” but for my sister’s dog, we have seen his peppy step and vibrancy come back.

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