Mellow Purity CBDa Cannabidiolic Acid Isolate

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Mellow Purity CBDa Cannabidiolic Acid Isolate CAD $ 35.00CAD $ 325.00

CBDa (cannabidiolic acid) is the acidic precursor of CBD and mimics some active compounds found in fresh hemp more closely than CBD and delivers a more complete spectrum.

Benefits of Mellow Purity CBDa Cannabidiolic Acid Isolate: A Closer Look at Nature’s Intact Spectrum

Mellow Purity CBDa Cannabidiolic Acid Isolate offers a unique approach to CBD-based wellness by utilizing CBDa, the acidic precursor to CBD.

CBDa is structurally closer to the compounds naturally occurring in fresh hemp, providing a broader spectrum of benefits.

This compound is known for its potential anti-inflammatory properties and has been studied for its effects on nausea and anxiety.

It is thought to interact with the endocannabinoid system in a way that may enhance the body’s natural responses to pain, inflammation, and stress.

Unlike its non-acidic counterpart, CBD, CBDa is not exposed to extensive processing, which may help preserve some of the natural synergistic effects of the raw hemp plant, offering a more holistic approach to health.

How to Use Mellow Purity CBDa Cannabidiolic Acid Isolate for Optimal Health Benefits

To effectively use Mellow Purity CBDa Cannabidiolic Acid Isolate, start by determining the appropriate dosage based on your specific needs and any medical guidance you may have received.

The isolate is highly concentrated, so a small amount often suffices.

It can be integrated into your daily routine in various ways; for example, it can be dissolved in water or other beverages, added to smoothies, or mixed into food items.

Since CBDa is sensitive to heat, incorporating it into cold or room temperature dishes is advisable to maintain its efficacy.

For direct consumption, place the desired quantity of isolate under your tongue, allowing it to dissolve for optimal absorption.

Regular use is recommended to achieve the best results, with adjustments to dosage as necessary based on your experience and health objectives.

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  1. Great product, just one downside, the 1 gram size stock is very low and does cause some annoying delays…

  2. Il semble que le CBDA est excellent pour contrer l’inflammation. Je le prends depuis quelques jours maintenant. Je l’utilise pour le côlon irritable, et je vois déjà son efficacité. Un autre excellent produit de BuyMellow!

  3. Hard to find. Good price 👍

  4. Amazing product

  5. Combine 1:1 with CBGa and you have a good medicine for for all coronavirus. Mellow team are the greatest.

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