Mellow Oil Topical Full Spectrum EXTRA Strength CBD Relief Stick 50ml with 650mg CBD
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Mellow Oil Topical Full Spectrum EXTRA Strength CBD Relief Stick 50ml with 650mg CBD

CAD $ 49.99 or subscribe and save up to 10%


Mellow Oil Full Spectrum EXTRA Strength CBD Relief Stick is a blend of arnica, pure and full spectrum hemp CBD extract, menthol and essential oils that delivers fast acting relief from pain and inflammation. Just apply to sore muscles and joints as needed – no mess and carry it anywhere.

Our full spectrum extra strength formulation delivers a total 650mg of cannabidiol (CBD) each and stronger than our regular 400mg CBD Relief Stick.

Looking for more? Try our new 1200mg EXTRA Strength XL (extra large) 75mL size Relief Stick. 50% more and almost twice as much CBD!

(75 customer reviews)

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50ml with 650mg of Full Spectrum and pure CBD. 1mL contains 13mg of Full Spectrum CBD.*

INGREDIENTS: Arnica, Olive* infused oil, full spectrum CBD extract, pure CBD extract, Beeswax*, Menthol crystals, Wintergreen oil, Cajuput.

* Organic ingredients

CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN. Keep away from eyes and mucus membranes. External use only. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Product photo for illustration purposes only. Actual packaging may vary. 

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75 reviews for Mellow Oil Topical Full Spectrum EXTRA Strength CBD Relief Stick 50ml with 650mg CBD

  1. Mariana M. (verified owner)

    I’m using it for pain relief, when pain is not to the maximum.

  2. Dean F (verified owner)

    Good product. You can immediately feel it working after putting it on. Last a long time as well.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this product!

  4. Rhonda (verified owner)

    Love this product!! Put it on my back at night and it relaxes me. Love the menthol feel to it. Really helps with the pain

  5. Darrell (verified owner)

    Amazing how quick it works

  6. Godbout M (verified owner)

    verry good

  7. Lori (verified owner)

    I love this product. Really relieves my pain

  8. Allen (verified owner)

    The product is fine and works ok.

  9. Allen (verified owner)

    Arrived at my home very quickly. Product seems to work well

  10. Sauve (verified owner)

    Very good product my husband like a lot, no bad smell good relief

  11. Tanya (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, have introduced several people to it and just ordered another 20 sticks

  12. Tanya H. (verified owner)

    Great product. Shipping was quick

  13. Gillian (verified owner)

    Fast-acting relief for acute arthritis pain in feet. Delivered promptly. Highly recommend.

  14. Linda (verified owner)

    Ordered the product again. The CBD stick works well on my pain and inflammation. Quick delivery as well

  15. Benoit T. (verified owner)

    Absolument fantastique!!!!!
    Sujet a des problèmes de sciatique depuis des années il , ce produit détend et enlève les douleurs quasiment instantanément

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    it works!

  17. Ronald (verified owner)

    I use it several times a day on my knees for arthritis pain. It has not helped at all. I’ve been using for 2 weeks and no results yet.

  18. Tanya (verified owner)

    This stuff is fantastic, I need knee replacement and I put some on before bed and can sleep through the night.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product works, its amazing great relief!

  20. Corinne E. (verified owner)

    Love this product

  21. Stephen (verified owner)

    Great product and great pain relief!

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This item works great for very sore muscles. Definitely am going to continue buying it.

  23. Sonya R (verified owner)

    Works really well

  24. Melissa H (verified owner)


  25. Anisha V (verified owner)

    10/10 for chronic pain

  26. Andree P (verified owner)

    Efficace pour douleurs

  27. Claudette C (verified owner)

    very helpful for my knees..

  28. Jaci V. (verified owner)

    This stuff is incredible, smells amazing and is pure magic

  29. Diane R (verified owner)

    This rub works perfectly. I have suggested it to anyone with muscle or joint pain. I has no lingering odor and does not stick or stain clothing.

  30. Andree P (verified owner)

    Efficace et sent tellement bon

  31. Michelle P. (verified owner)

    Exceptional service…..very quick and they go above and beyond. I am very impressed.

  32. Michelle S. (verified owner)

    Bought 2 for some friends to experience the relief I have had! They are sold on this! From knee pain and menstrual cramps!!

  33. Samantha B. (verified owner)

    Works great and lasts if used correctly

  34. Claudette G (verified owner)

    Très bon produit!

  35. Marie D (verified owner)

    Excellent product and service

  36. Craig (verified owner)

    I love this stick. I get immediate relief for my aches and pains. This is great when I need to target a particular spot for pain relief.

  37. KARIM J (verified owner)


  38. Johnny V (verified owner)

    Been using it for 2 weeks and hasn’t been effective . I feel like I wasted my money

    Hi Johnny –

    Someone on our team has reached out and will help you with possible pointers on how to use our Relief Stick more effectively, and if that still hasn’t helped, help you through the refund process under our 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

    – the Mellow Team

  39. Rhonda W. (verified owner)

    Works good 👍

  40. David P (verified owner)

    I have arthritis very bad in my left thumb and had all but lost the use of it due to the pain. After only 3 days I noticed a lessening of the pain. After 3 weeks I have regained almost full use of my thumb. I now only use it in the morning and at suppertime, two thumbs up !

  41. Carole R (verified owner)

    très commode comme format et présentation, fait effet rapidement et efficace, excellent service après vente et livraison très rapide, bravo et merci

  42. Matthew A. (verified owner)

    Works well but comes half full. Kind of like a bag of chips. For the price I was expecting more.

  43. Pauline H (verified owner)

    Excellent contrôle bien les douleurs pour une période de 4-5 hres.

  44. Michael C. (verified owner)

    Works incredibly well.

  45. Margaret (verified owner)

    very soothing for my arthritis pain.

  46. Rifat H (verified owner)

    It’s a great product but I prefer the oil over it!

  47. Serguei (verified owner)

    It works very well so far. Thanks.

  48. Johanne (verified owner)


  49. Samantha (verified owner)

    Love this product. Would absolutely recommend it to anyone. Helps with joint pain. It worked great when I pulled my shoulder.

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good product

  51. Douglas (verified owner)

    Excellent – Applies easily, reliefs aches in my knees and back, and doesn’t stink.
    Also recommend – Mellow Oil Purity PLUS CBD Tincture Blend 30ml with 2400mg CBD

  52. Trevor (verified owner)

    As above

  53. Jodi (verified owner)

    It has a very strong camphor odor that clears the sinuses & makes eyes water. The price is way too high for the amount in this item. Just rub some of your tincture oil on the painful area. It works the same & moisturizes your skin too😉👍

  54. June M (verified owner)

    I am enjoying the stick. It really helps with pain in one shoulder & foot! I use in the morning & evening, & will reorder !

  55. Jeff D. (verified owner)

    I broke my arm a few months ago and after the cast came off I decided to try this product to see if it would reduce some of the pain associated the damage due to the stiffness and pulled tendons. I was skeptical at first, but within 10 mins I was a believer. The pain was gone replaced by a nice winter green scent, sort of like the smell of tiger balm, the pain reduction lasts for about 4-5 hours. I will keep a stick of this around the house going forward. I was doing a building a project which involved lifting a lot of large 2×10 10 foot boards and at the end of the day my lower back made itself known when sitting and standing up, with a quick application on my lower back the pain disappeared during the evening. Really a high quality product all around. One stick will probably last me 6 months.

  56. Darryl (verified owner)

    great for pain relief

  57. Dina (verified owner)

    Grest product…convenient to use and applys easily!

  58. Charles l. (verified owner)

    Great product.

  59. Jodi (verified owner)

    This stuff really works & fast! The odour is a strong camphor smell,( it makes my eyes water when applied on my shoulder) but it dissipates fairly quickly.
    I find it very small for the price. There should be more product or a lower cost.
    I honestly thought I had received a trial size, it’s that small. I used it ALL in less than 2 weeks. A very expensive treatment for my chronic pain.

  60. Carl W (verified owner)

    It works great.

  61. Robert A (verified owner)

    Works pretty good better than the normal one.

  62. Betty F (verified owner)

    it doesn’t take the knee pain away, so hoping it gets better

  63. Gayle (verified owner)

    Also very good, I have bad knees from gardening and I use this for the ache and stiffness and it works wonderfully. I also have a pinched nerve in my right knee and it is very tender to touch. This takes the tenderness away. Fantastic!!!

  64. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I find it quite helpful in relieving my pain.

  65. VINCE (verified owner)

    Repeat customer…that says it all!

  66. Mary Anne B (verified owner)

    Helped with some pains

  67. Jean D. (verified owner)

    I’m 87 and suffer greatly from arthritis. Due to a heart condition I can’t take any anti inflammatory drugs. This CBD stick is the best I have found to help reduce my pain. I have tried every over the counter cream, stick and rub and this is by far the best. I’m grateful my daughter found this for me !

  68. Gayle (verified owner)

    I really like this, it works really well and it doesn’t smell bad. I also find it doesn’t leave any greasy residue! I have bought this a couple of times and will continue to order it!

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, works well

  70. Tara (verified owner)

    A little too sticky-residue left behind, but works well. Similar product w higher cbd content would be nice 😊

  71. Gayle (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this product! Very easy to apply and the sent is not over powering! I will purchase it again!

  72. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works a bit better than standard hot/cold balms, yet costs several times more. Not worth the cost.

  73. Susan D. (verified owner)

    Awesome product, tried others but this one works well for me and I prefer the wintergreen fragrance

  74. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I purchased this to help with knee pain caused by osteo arthritis and a Baker’s Cyst which can make walking very painful. It has helped immensely to dull the pain and improve my quality of life.

  75. Samantha B. (verified owner)

    Works great helps with the aches and pains

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