CBD RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) style Oil – 600mg Cannabinoids per 1mL Syringe

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Full Spectrum Hemp Extract also known as RSO oil or Phoenix Tears

  • Available in 1mL (approximately 1g) syringes . Each mL contains at least 600mg of CBD and other cannabinoids
  • It may be necessary to immerse in hot water in a plastic bag before use – CBD RSO is naturally viscous and may need to be heated to dispense
  • Can be taken orally, ignited, added to recipes and applied topically
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Approximate cannabinoid content per mL:

CBD = 522.36 mg
CBDV = < 0.64 mg
CBG = 10.85 mg
CBGa = < 0.64 mg
CBN = 1.56 mg
THCV = < 1.22 mg
other cannabinoids = 50.31 mg

18 reviews for CBD RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) style Oil – 600mg Cannabinoids per 1mL Syringe

1-5 of 18 reviews
  1. Haven’t tried it yet but fast shipping and excellent service.

  2. Not as tar-ey as some other preparations. So it does not leave a hard to remove residue. I like this one a lot.

  3. 2 of 5 syringe crystallized even after soaking in hot water .couldn’t use the whole amount.

    From the Mellow Team

    Unfortunately the nature of the product is a viscous oil that may crystallize at room temperature. We recommend submersing the syringe into boiling hot water for a period, and the last remaining product can be carefully removed by pulling the syringe apart. Unfortunately, for this type of extract in this quantity, we’ve found no better packaging. 😞

  4. High Quality product, Reccomend

  5. This is my first purchase of the RSO CBD oil and i couldn’t be more satisfied. The relief from anxiety and depression that it provides is exceptional. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who suffers from these problems. Thanks Mellow for providing an amazing product!

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