CBD RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) style Oil – 600mg Cannabinoids per 1mL Syringe

CBD RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) style Oil – 600mg Cannabinoids per 1mL Syringe

CAD $ 23.99


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract also known as RSO oil or Phoenix Tears

  • Available in 1mL (approximatly 1g) syringes . Each mL contains at least 600mg of CBD and other cannabinoids
  • It may be necessary to immerse in hot water in a plastic bag before use – CBD RSO is naturally viscous and may need to be heated to dispense
  • Can be taken orally, ignited, added to recipes and applied topically
(17 customer reviews)
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Approximate cannabinoid content per mL:

CBD = 522.36 mg
CBDV = < 0.64 mg
CBG = 10.85 mg
CBGa = < 0.64 mg
CBN = 1.56 mg
THCV = < 1.22 mg
other cannabinoids = 50.31 mg

17 reviews for CBD RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) style Oil – 600mg Cannabinoids per 1mL Syringe

  1. Peter L. (verified owner)

    Not as tar-ey as some other preparations. So it does not leave a hard to remove residue. I like this one a lot.

  2. Keenan G (verified owner)

    2 of 5 syringe crystallized even after soaking in hot water .couldn’t use the whole amount.

    From the Mellow Team

    Unfortunately the nature of the product is a viscous oil that may crystallize at room temperature. We recommend submersing the syringe into boiling hot water for a period, and the last remaining product can be carefully removed by pulling the syringe apart. Unfortunately, for this type of extract in this quantity, we’ve found no better packaging. 😞

  3. Mourtaza A. (verified owner)

    High Quality product, Reccomend

  4. Cameron (verified owner)

    This is my first purchase of the RSO CBD oil and i couldn’t be more satisfied. The relief from anxiety and depression that it provides is exceptional. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who suffers from these problems. Thanks Mellow for providing an amazing product!

  5. James R (verified owner)

    Fantastic Product, however about 7 dollars too expensive,, as well I lost approximately 25 percent of each product due to crystallization and hardeningg under pressure. The last 25 percent turned hard as a rock and was near impossible to get out.



    Hi James. You can usually retrieve any oil in by heating the syringe in boiling water. After heating for a while, the rest should easily come out.

  6. Ivan (verified owner)

    Super happy with this. It does taste quite strong but that is because it is packed with CBD. I have a friend using this and she is reporting some great results.

  7. Justin L. (verified owner)

    Great RSO

  8. Andrew M (verified owner)

    mellowCBD is an amazing company. Fantastic customer service, fast delivery, great prices and above all top notch product. You cannot go wrong shopping mellowCBD. If you are thinking about trying cannabidiol, then this is the company for you.

  9. Gabriel C (verified owner)

    Potent medecine.

  10. Brad (verified owner)

    Perfect addition to the full spectrum distillate as added terpenes to homemade CBD oil.

  11. Brian (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered 3 times and the service is unbelievably amazing. It came within a few days, with a free gift each time. The CBD RSO oil is impossible to find and far less quality sells for double. The CBD is by far the best I’ve had in year’s. It hits right away with a calm positive feeling. It’s the only CBD I use. Price, quality and service are number 1.

  12. Holeephku (verified owner)

    I’m a long time user of THC RSO oil, it is truly magical. Just tried this CBD RSO and wow. It’s an absolute burst of feel good. It hits fast with a pleasant all over good feeling. I have chronic back pain, depression, anxiety and lung inflammation, this makes everything seem right. Service was unbelievably quick. The price is unbeatable and the quality is above anything I expected. Excellent.

  13. Eric P (verified owner)

    This stuff is impossible to find even if you want to get it derived from weed. Never mind hemp! Such a niche product. Great quality.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very strong and noticeable effect with just a tiny amount. I only use a 0.1 ml at a time and that’s plenty.

  15. Matt (verified owner)

    RSO Oil works well melts my pain away. I need something stronger this does the trick. The taste is also very strong be prepared.

  16. Caroline (verified owner)

    Really great thank you

  17. Richard F. (verified owner)

    Tastes ok, seemed to awaken me!

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