CBD RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) style Oil – 600mg Cannabinoids per 1mL Syringe

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Full Spectrum Hemp Extract also known as RSO oil or Phoenix Tears

  • Available in 1mL (approximately 1g) syringes . Each mL contains at least 600mg of CBD and other cannabinoids
  • It may be necessary to immerse in hot water in a plastic bag before use – CBD RSO is naturally viscous and may need to be heated to dispense
  • Can be taken orally, ignited, added to recipes and applied topically

Understanding CBD RSO Oil

CBD RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) style Oil is a potent hemp extract known for its rich cannabinoid content, delivering approximately 600mg of cannabinoids per 1mL syringe.

This oil, also referred to as Phoenix Tears, offers a versatile and effective way to incorporate cannabinoids into your wellness routine.

Usage and Application Tips

When using CBD RSO oil, it’s important to note that its viscosity can make dispensing a bit challenging.

To ease the process, consider immersing the syringe in hot water while it’s in a plastic bag before use. This gentle heat helps to soften the oil, making it easier to dispense accurately.

Versatility and Benefits

One of the key advantages of CBD RSO oil is its versatility in consumption. It can be taken orally for systemic effects, ignited for inhalation, added to recipes for culinary creations, or applied topically for targeted relief.

This versatility allows users to tailor their CBD experience based on their preferences and needs.

Comprehensive Cannabinoid Profile

The cannabinoid content of CBD RSO oil is impressive, with each mL containing a range of cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBN, and others.

This diverse profile contributes to the entourage effect, where cannabinoids work synergistically to enhance their therapeutic benefits.

For instance, CBD offers calming effects, CBG may have anti-inflammatory properties, and CBN is known for its potential sedative effects.

Customer reviews

Blandine: “I’ve been using CBD RSO oil from this brand for weeks, and I’m amazed at the results. It’s helped me manage my stress levels and improve my sleep quality. Highly recommend!”

Humbert: “The CBD RSO oil is a game-changer for me. The diverse cannabinoid profile provides comprehensive relief, and the syringe makes dosing precise. Fantastic product!”

Jay: “I love how versatile this CBD RSO oil is. I’ve used it in my recipes, as well as orally and topically, and it always delivers consistent results. Definitely a must-have in my wellness routine!”

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CBD RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) style Oil - 600mg Cannabinoids per 1mL Syringe CAD $ 23.99
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Approximate cannabinoid content per mL:

CBD = 522.36 mg
CBDV = < 0.64 mg
CBG = 10.85 mg
CBGa = < 0.64 mg
CBN = 1.56 mg
THCV = < 1.22 mg
other cannabinoids = 50.31 mg

18 reviews for CBD RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) style Oil – 600mg Cannabinoids per 1mL Syringe

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  1. Haven’t tried it yet but fast shipping and excellent service.

  2. Not as tar-ey as some other preparations. So it does not leave a hard to remove residue. I like this one a lot.

  3. 2 of 5 syringe crystallized even after soaking in hot water .couldn’t use the whole amount.

    From the Mellow Team

    Unfortunately the nature of the product is a viscous oil that may crystallize at room temperature. We recommend submersing the syringe into boiling hot water for a period, and the last remaining product can be carefully removed by pulling the syringe apart. Unfortunately, for this type of extract in this quantity, we’ve found no better packaging. 😞

  4. High Quality product, Reccomend

  5. This is my first purchase of the RSO CBD oil and i couldn’t be more satisfied. The relief from anxiety and depression that it provides is exceptional. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who suffers from these problems. Thanks Mellow for providing an amazing product!

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