Island Therapeutics CBD Transdermal Patch with 20mg Cannabidiol (10 Pack)

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Conveniently maintain an accurate and consistent dosage of CBD throughout the day.

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Island Therapeutics CBD Transdermal Patch with 20mg Cannabidiol (10 Pack) CAD $ 45.00
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20mg CBD Transdermal Patch

Whatever you’re using CBD for, whether it’s anxiety, inflammation, mood or anything else, you’ll love the consistent CBD delivery of the transdermal patch. Island theraputics’ special slow release system conveniently doses out a constant supply of CBD throughout the day to maximize the benefits of this amazing cannabinoid.

Simply apply the patch to a clean, dry, veinous surface of your skin and wear for up to 24 hours!

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Experience Sustained Relief with Island Therapeutics 20mg CBD Transdermal Patches (10 Pack)

Benefits of Using Island Therapeutics CBD Transdermal Patches

Island Therapeutics’ CBD Transdermal Patches offer a distinctive method of CBD delivery that stands out for its convenience and efficacy, especially for those seeking continuous relief from symptoms like anxiety, inflammation, and mood fluctuations.

Each patch provides a steady dose of 20mg of high-quality cannabidiol over 24 hours, ensuring a constant and consistent release into the bloodstream.

This slow-release system helps maintain a stable level of CBD in your body, potentially enhancing the therapeutic effects while minimizing peaks and troughs in symptom management.

Users can benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, which may reduce pain and swelling, as well as its calming effects that can help alleviate anxiety and improve mood.

This method of delivery is particularly beneficial for those who prefer not to take multiple doses of CBD throughout the day or for those who find other forms of CBD consumption inconvenient or ineffective.

How to Use the CBD Transdermal Patch

Using the Island Therapeutics CBD Transdermal Patch is straightforward and user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for both new and experienced CBD users.

To begin, select a clean, dry area of skin that is typically rich in blood vessels—such as the inner wrist, the top of the foot, or the upper arm.

Ensure the skin is free of any lotions, oils, or dirt that could interfere with adhesion. Remove the protective liner from the patch and apply it firmly to the chosen area.

Once the patch is in place, it should be worn for up to 24 hours.

After 24 hours, gently peel the patch off, which can be disposed of safely. If continued use is desired, apply a new patch to a different area to prevent skin irritation.

This method allows for a hassle-free, continuous absorption of CBD, making it an excellent alternative for those seeking long-term, sustained benefits without needing to remember frequent doses.

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14 reviews for Island Therapeutics CBD Transdermal Patch with 20mg Cannabidiol (10 Pack)

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  1. Très efficace

  2. WoW super confortable poursuivez vos recherches et vos développements

  3. Excellent for chronic pain and last all day for bad days

  4. Used for sleep, worked well for deeper sleep and more relaxed state

  5. Great for sleep!

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