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Island Therapeutics CBD Transdermal Patch with 40mg Cannabidiol (10 Packs)

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Conveniently maintain an accurate and consistent dosage of CBD throughout the day.

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40mg CBD Transdermal Patch

Whatever you’re using CBD for, whether it’s anxiety, inflammation, mood or anything else, you’ll love the consistent CBD delivery of the transdermal patch. Island theraputics’ special slow release system conveniently doses out a constant supply of CBD throughout the day to maximize the benefits of this amazing cannabinoid.

Simply apply the patch to a clean, dry, veinous surface of your skin and wear for up to 24 hours!

Benefits of Using Island Therapeutics CBD Transdermal Patch

Island Therapeutics’ 40mg CBD Transdermal Patch offers a unique and effective method for delivering CBD, ideal for those seeking sustained relief from various conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, and mood fluctuations.

Unlike traditional methods of CBD consumption, the transdermal patch provides a consistent release of CBD directly into the bloodstream over 24 hours, ensuring a stable therapeutic effect without the need for frequent dosing.

The slow-release system is particularly beneficial for individuals requiring continuous pain management or those dealing with chronic conditions, as it maintains a constant level of CBD in the body, potentially reducing flare-ups and discomfort.

Additionally, the patch’s method of delivery bypasses the digestive system, which not only enhances bioavailability but also minimizes gastrointestinal irritation that can sometimes occur with oral CBD products.

Ease of use is another significant advantage. The patch can be quickly applied to any venous part of the skin, such as the inside of the wrist or ankle, making it discreet and convenient for everyday use.

This can be especially appealing for those who prefer not to ingest capsules or oils, or for individuals who have difficulty maintaining regular dosing schedules. With its up to 24-hour wear time, users can experience the benefits of CBD with minimal disruption to their daily activities, promoting a more balanced, symptom-managed lifestyle.

Guide to Applying Island Therapeutics CBD Transdermal Patch for Optimal Results

To maximize the benefits of the Island Therapeutics 40mg CBD Transdermal Patch, proper application is key. Begin by choosing a clean, dry area of skin that is relatively free of hair and not prone to excessive movement.

Common application sites include the inside of the wrist, the upper arm, or the side of the torso.

Before applying the patch, ensure that the skin is clean and free from any lotions, oils, or dirt, as these can interfere with adhesion and the effectiveness of the CBD absorption.

Peel the protective layer off the patch and apply it firmly to the selected area. Press down for a few seconds to secure it in place.

Once applied, the patch can be worn for up to 24 hours, during which it will continuously release CBD into your bloodstream.

After 24 hours, or sooner if you experience any discomfort or skin irritation, carefully remove the patch, clean the area, and if continuing treatment, apply a new patch to a different area to prevent skin irritation.

This rotation of application sites is recommended to maintain skin health. Remember, while the patch provides a convenient and long-lasting dose, it’s important to monitor your body’s response and consult with a healthcare provider to adjust usage as needed for optimal results.

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16 reviews for Island Therapeutics CBD Transdermal Patch with 40mg Cannabidiol (10 Packs)

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  1. These patches have been a lifesaver my bad back. They help me manage the pain and get through my days.

  2. J ai commandée des 40mg et j ai recu des 20mg

  3. An absolute life changing item. My husband lives in constant pain and these are an incredible help. No side effects like pain pills and you put it on and let it do its thing. Stays on GREAT, even through showering. Highly recommend these and will be buying on a regular basis.

  4. Excellent service always

  5. We really them, my husband used them for chronic pain

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