Mellow Oil Purity CBD Oil 30ml with 5000mg Cannabidiol / 166mg CBD per mL

CAD $ 70.00

Mellow Oil’s PURITY 5000mg CBD Oil is a light and tasteless blend of coconut MCT oil and CBD – perfect to add to just about any recipe, smoothies, drinks – or take it sublingually for maximum effect. Extracted from non-GMO hemp using the latest in nano extraction technologies, its a naturally THC free cannabinoid that can be used anytime for support.

Each dropper is 1ml / 165mg of CBD.

Half Dropper: 0.5ml = 82.5mg CBD
Full Dropper: 1ml = 165mg CBD

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Mellow Oil Purity CBD Oil 30ml with 5000mg Cannabidiol / 166mg CBD per mL CAD $ 70.00
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Mellow’s premium PURITY CBD oil is designed to help maintain your overall wellness, using our premium CBD isolate and coconut MCT oil.* It has no detectible odour, flavour or smell.

INGREDIENTS: 100% fractionated coconut MCT oil, hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD) isolate

Bottle colour may vary. 

Seamless Integration into Daily Life with Mellow Oil Purity CBD Oil

Mellow Oil’s PURITY CBD Oil offers a versatile and potent solution for those seeking the benefits of CBD without the sensory impact of traditional oils.

The lack of odor, flavor, or smell makes this product a perfect additive to various foods and beverages, enabling users to integrate CBD seamlessly into their daily routines.

Whether you’re enhancing your morning smoothie, enriching your favorite recipes, or preferring the direct sublingual method, the oil’s design ensures an unobtrusive yet effective incorporation into your lifestyle.

Its high concentration allows for dosage control, making it suitable for both new and experienced CBD users.

The use of fractionated coconut MCT oil not only serves as an excellent carrier, enhancing CBD absorption, but also contributes to the overall health benefits, including improved metabolism and energy levels.

Mellow Oil’s commitment to purity and quality, supported by the availability of a Certificate of Analysis, reassures users of the product’s safety and efficacy, making it a reliable choice for daily wellness support.

User Experiences with Mellow Oil Purity CBD Oil

Ethan’s Recovery Aid Post-Workout

Ethan, a fitness enthusiast from Vancouver, uses Mellow Oil’s Purity CBD Oil as part of his post-workout recovery process. He values the precise dosing provided by the dropper, which helps him manage muscle soreness and reduce inflammation. Ethan notes the oil’s lack of taste and smell as a major plus, allowing him to add it directly to his protein shakes without altering the flavor.

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9 reviews for Mellow Oil Purity CBD Oil 30ml with 5000mg Cannabidiol / 166mg CBD per mL

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  1. Keep me focus

  2. Love this product! I feel so much better for taking this at any point during the day or night. Helps with anxiety and helps me have a really deep sleep.

  3. Wonderful stuff. Cured my insomnia totally. I now sleep 8 hrs a night!

  4. Without doubt, the best decision I ever made, to get a great night’s sleep. From keep waking and laying for hours awake…… to a full 7-8 hours every night. I’m gone in 5 minutes. Thank you Mellow!!

  5. I cannot express my thanks to Mellow for this awesome product. I can finally sleep a good 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night – instead of laying for hours staring at the ceiling. It zonks me right out! I feel like a human again. Again – many thanks!

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