Mellow Oil NIGHT Drops with 600mg of Full Spectrum CBD and CBN – Cannabinol / 20mg of Cannabinoids per mL
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Mellow Oil NIGHT Drops with 600mg of Full Spectrum CBD and CBN – Cannabinol / 20mg of Cannabinoids per mL

CAD $ 49.99 or subscribe and save up to 10%


Mellow Oil’s NIGHT DROPS 600mg Cannabinoid Oil is a blend of coconut MCT oil, CBN (cannabinol) and Full Spectrum CBD (cannabidiol). Extracted from non-GMO hemp using the latest in nano extraction technologies, it’s a naturally low THC (0.3% or under) blend of cannabinoids that can be used daily for support.

Each dropper is 1ml / 20mg of Cannabinoids (Full Spectrum CBD, CBN and other trace cannabinoids).

Half Dropper: 0.5ml = 10mg Cannabinoids
Full Dropper: 1ml = 20mg Cannabinoids

Each 30mL bottle contains:

  • 400mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • 200mg Pure CBN
(15 customer reviews)

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Mellow’s premium NIGHT DROPS oil is designed to help maintain your overall wellness and Sleep, using our premium Full Spectrum CBD oil and CBN (cannabinol) and coconut MCT oil.*

INGREDIENTS: 100% fractionated coconut MCT oil, hemp derived Full Spectrum Cannabidiol and Pure CBN (Cannabinol).

Bottle colour may vary. 

15 reviews for Mellow Oil NIGHT Drops with 600mg of Full Spectrum CBD and CBN – Cannabinol / 20mg of Cannabinoids per mL

  1. Darrell (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  2. Richard B. (verified owner)

    Works well without melatonin as an ingredient

  3. Leon G (verified owner)

    It’s so good.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not helping at all

  5. Monia (verified owner)

    Great ! I sleep better.

  6. Mark F. (verified owner)

    You would think that by now I would take your wonderful service and quality control for granted, but I am still surprised by your great product and quick service. Not only that, you keep me updated on the status of my order right up until it is delivered to my home. Thank you.

  7. Robyn (verified owner)

    Fantastic product good price!

  8. Mark F. (verified owner)

    Its effectiveness is increasing the longer I use it. I am requiring less of the product and getting better results.

  9. Robyn (verified owner)

    Great product, helps with sleep.

  10. Matthew T. (verified owner)

    Does not work well for sleep for me.

  11. Raymond L. (verified owner)

    It doesn’t really work for me..or it works very little.

    I’ve used this oil for about 2 weeks now. I’ve played around with the doses to see how many milligrams will be optimal for me and the verdict is none of them. I’ve used low doses and high doses as well and always not effective for me.

    However, I’ve been smoking cannabis for well over a decade every night and I have to reach a certain point to fall asleep and to stay asleep. I have used the oil for a week and I kept on waking up and I didn’t really feel that tired to begin with. Also, I haven’t been smoking or vaping any cannabis. The first week I was using the oil to see if there was a difference.

    This product might work for normal people who don’t partake in cannabis often, but for me it is not effective.

  12. Jean (verified owner)

    great product

  13. Georgia (verified owner)

    It is helping my sleep.

  14. Shannon O (verified owner)

    Not noticing the sleep results I was hoping for. But I’m sure some trial and error will be involved until I find something that works

  15. Michael (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this product and will be buying it again. Definitely helps with sleep

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