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CBD side effects

CBD Side Effects – Everything You Need To Know

While CBD has been linked to numerous health benefits through research, it doesn’t come without its downsides. CBD side effects can be experienced by anyone at any time – whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned CBD user.

One of the biggest factors for whether you’ll experience any negative side effects from CBD is dosing. Taking too much at one time can greatly increase your chances of experiencing side effects, so take the time to learn how to dose your CBD properly.

Another factor is being new to taking cannabinoids. If you haven’t taken CBD before, you may go through an adjustment period as your body gets used to it. CBD side effects tend to dissipate the longer you take it, so make sure to give it a good amount of time to do its thing.

Here are some of the most common CBD side effects you may encounter. The vast majority of people won’t experience any side effects, but your own personal health concerns, dosage, weight and other factors may influence this.

CBD Side Effects


One of the most common side effects of CBD is headache, especially if you take too much. This may be experienced as a minor annoyance for some people, while it may be more severe for others.


Another common side effect of CBD is nausea. While there have been some reports of CBD as an antiemetic (may reduce nausea), some people find that ingesting CBD oil can make them nauseous.

Switching up products can help with this. For example, taking CBD gummies or CBD capsules instead of CBD oil.


CBD may also have a negative effect on your digestive system. For some people, ingesting CBD oil can cause diarrhea and stomach aches.

This can be caused by several reasons, including the carrier oil or other ingredients in your CBD products. For example, MCT oil, one of the most common carrier oils for CBD, is notorious for causing issues with digestion and diarrhea.

Dry mouth

Some people also report dry mouth from taking CBD. Commonly referred to as cottonmouth, your mouth and throat become excessively dry and uncomfortable.

You can combat this by drinking extra water and sucking on hard candies or lozenges throughout the day.

Mood changes

Another side effect of CBD is mood changes; this can range from both positive to negative.

Some people may notice an increase in irritability when taking CBD, while others have reported feeling happier or less stressed.

CBD affects everyone differently. It is important to monitor how you’re feeling when taking CBD and adjust accordingly.


Another commonly reported side effect of CBD is fatigue. This can occur in the form of drowsiness or lack of energy.

Fatigue can be caused by taking too much CBD, usually when you’re new to it. If you experience this, decrease your dose until your body gets used to it.


Some people report lightheadedness or dizziness from taking CBD. This can often be a result of increased blood flow to the head and heightened senses.

Again, this is commonly experienced by those who are new to CBD. Try decreasing your dosage until your body adjusts accordingly.

Low blood pressure

Taking CBD may cause low blood pressure.

CBD is not recommended for those who are on medications to manage their blood pressure; it is advised to speak with a doctor about this beforehand.

Appetite changes

Some people may experience an increased appetite after taking CBD, while others have reported being less hungry than usual.

This can depend on your dosage and other factors such as weight and your general health.

Medication interactions

CBD and other cannabinoids may interact with medications you’re currently on. Therefore, it is important to tell your doctor about any CBD products or supplements you’re taking, as it may change the way certain medications react.

A general rule of thumb – CBD will interact with the same medications that grapefruit does; both CBD and grapefruit can cause certain medications to stay in your system for longer than intended, which can have serious effects.

Always speak with your health care provider before starting any new dietary supplements or medications, including over-the-counter medications or supplements.

Final thoughts on the side effects of CBD

While CBD has many benefits for users, care must be taken when using it.

The best thing you can do to reduce your chances of these side effects is monitor how you feel when taking CBD and adjust your dosage accordingly.

Although these CBD side effects are common, it does not mean that they will affect everyone.

Everyone is different and will react differently to CBD. However, it is important to be aware of these side effects, and if you experience any unusual effects while taking it, stop and speak with a doctor immediately.


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