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What Is Nano “Water Soluble” CBD?

With CBD’s popularity continuing to rise, it’s no surprise new technologies to improve its absorption and use are popping up. One newer type of CBD that’s appeared recently is water-soluble CBD, and it’s supposed to improve absorption by allowing CBD to dissolve into liquids. 

The idea makes sense. CBD oil is, you guessed it, an oil. Mix that with water (a majority of our bodies) and you’ve got two substances that do not want to mix. Make the CBD dissolvable and the problem should be solved. 

It’s not exactly water soluble 

A better term may be “water compatible” or “water-friendly” because water-soluble CBD is not really accurate. 

Instead of being truly water-soluble, the CBD oil is broken into nanoparticles, which are tiny molecules of CBD that have broken down to increase absorption. Nanotechnology works by breaking down molecules into tiny particles with the use of soundwaves.

When CBD is broken down into tiny particles, it can be absorbed more easily by the human body. At least, that’s what those involved with producing these nanoparticles say. There hasn’t been much research conducted to see if CBD is actually more bioavailable when broken down into tiny particles.

Researchers still believe it is a promising tool, but nothing too definitive has come out about its use. 

What “water-soluble” CBD means for the industry 

While its first introduction led to plenty of speculation that it would change the whole industry, water-soluble CBD hasn’t made too big of a splash. Many people take CBD tincture under their tongue with great results as it absorbs directly into the bloodstream. 

But research has shown that up to 96% of CBD consumed may be flushed out of the body without any effects. By breaking down the molecules, CBD may be more available and effective, allowing consumers to get the most for their money. 

The amount of actual CBD present in a tincture will vary. If you’re using a 1,000 mg bottle of CBD, it will be made up mostly of nanoparticles and the amount of CBD will be less. Mellow CBD tincture is made from the latest nanotechnology and has about 18% CBD in the bottle. 

Other benefits of water-soluble CBD 

Perhaps the most compelling reason water-soluble CBD tincture has become popular is that it can be absorbed into any liquid. If you want some CBD with your morning coffee, pouring a droplet of regular CBD is going to leave you with oil separated at the top of your cup. Water-soluble CBD will actually absorb and seamlessly mix into your cup. 

This makes adding CBD to your daily routine incredibly easy. Add a drop to your coffee or tea, soups, and other liquids and you won’t have to deal with the annoying separation of oil and water. 

You can even add a few drops of CBD to your water bottle and stay hydrated throughout the day while reaping CBD’s therapeutic effects. With CBD water selling at a hefty price per bottle, you can save money and plastic waste by dropping water-soluble CBD powder into your everyday water bottle. 

The bottom line 

Water-soluble CBD, or better referred to as water-compatible, is made to make absorption of CBD more effective. CBD molecules are broken down into tiny particles to make dissolving into water possible. 

Since CBD is not widely bioavailable, water-soluble CBD may help with absorption. An even more practical reason to use this CBD is its ability to dissolve into various liquids. If you want to make CBD water, tea, coffee, or other drinks, you can just add water-soluble CBD and it will dissolve. Regular CBD tincture will separate because of the oil.



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