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how to make cbd oil at home

How To Make CBD Oil At Home – Unleash Your Creativity

Making your own CBD oil at home is an easy, more affordable way to use CBD than purchasing pre-made CBD products from your favorite shop. More than that, when you make your own CBD oils and other CBD products at home, you have complete control over what goes in it. The sky is the limit here, so you can be as creative as you want!

In this article, we’ll go over how to make CBD oil at home, what you’ll need to get started, and tips and tricks to make the process simple.

CBD is just one of the many compounds that make up CBD oil. Extracted from the hemp plant, CBD has taken the world by storm and gained popularity as an effective, natural solution for health concerns such as anxiety, pain relief, depression, and more.

Cannabinoids like CBD work by attaching themselves to receptors found in our Endocannabinoid System. This system runs all through our bodies and is thought to impact many other systems within us.

Other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant include the much-researched THC, which you’re likely familiar with. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is responsible for the high that users experience when they ingest it.

Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties and will not cause this reaction, making it ideal for therapeutic use.

You can choose to make CBD oil from CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, CBG Isolate, CBN Isolate, or a mixture of any of those. Adding in other terpenes and flavorings is also an option for you. Terpenes are essentially what gives cannabis its scent and flavor profile, and many of them have health benefits all on their own.

What you’ll need to make CBD oil at home

You’ll need to gather a few things before you can start creating your own CBD oils at home. Some of these are necessary, while others are things that you may want to consider adding, like additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavoring.

You also need to decide if you want your CBD oil to be Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, or made from CBD Isolate.

Full Spectrum contains all of the plant’s beneficial compounds, including other cannabinoids and terpenes, while Broad Spectrum has the THC removed. CBD Isolate is just CBD, absolutely nothing else.

  • CBD Isolate powder or CBD Distillate (Full or Broad Spectrum)
  • 30ml glass bottle(s) with dropper top
  • Carrier oil – recommended carrier oils include hemp seed oil or MCT oil
  • Small pot (if using the heating method)
  • Funnel
  • Food safe thermometer (if using the heating method)
  • CBG, CBN Isolate (optional)
  • Terpenes (optional)
  • Flavoring (optional)

There are two different methods that you can use to make your own CBD oil. One of them involves heating the mixture, which is where the pot and thermometer come in, while the other does not require any heating.

The steps are essentially the same for both methods, but using the heating method has the advantage of the Isolate dissolving in the carrier oil much faster. If you are using CBD Distillate, the heating method is required as it doesn’t come in powdered form but is crystallized instead.

How to make CBD oil – guide and steps to follow

For our example today, we are going to create a standard size and strength of CBD oil; 1000mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle. This will equal out to 33.3mg of CBD per each ml of oil in the bottle. We will also be using the heating method, though this isn’t necessary – see note at bottom of instructions.

We recommend using the double boiler method of heating the carrier oil, so as to reduce the risk of burning the oil. If you’re not sure how to set up a double boiler, check out the short video below on how to do this.


You’ll need one gram of CBD Isolate or Distillate for this, and 30ml of your carrier oil of choice.

Step One

Measure out 30ml of your carrier oil, and add it to the double boiler pot. Heat the liquid slowly, making sure not to let the mixture boil, or go above 118°C/245°F. We want it hot enough so that the Isolate or Distillate dissolve easily enough in it, but not so hot as to evaporate any of the mixture.

Gather all of your ingredients, measure out one gram of CBD (Isolate or Distillate), and add it to the pot. Stir slowly until all of the CBD powder has been dissolved.

If you’re going to add in any other cannabinoids, like CBG Isolate, now is the the time.

Step Two

Stir the mixture slowly, being careful not to splash any on yourself. Once all CBD has been dissolved, turn off the burner, set aside the mixture, and let it cool. You want to make sure the liquid is cool enough so it won’t burn you when it’s time to transfer it to the dropper bottle.

Step Three

After the liquid is cool enough to handle, it’s time to transfer it to the bottle. Using a small funnel, pour the mixture into the bottle, being careful not to spill any.

If you’d like to add flavorings or other terpenes, now is the time. Remember that flavoring extracts are very concentrated; you’ll only need a drop or two of your favorite one.

Terpenes are also very concentrated and should be used carefully, especially if you are a beginner. To be safe for consumption, they must be diluted properly in extracts before use, between 1-5%.

Different terpenes will offer different scent and taste profiles to your homemade CBD oil. For example, if you’re adding limonene, your oil will give off a lemony scent and embody that flavor, so keep this in mind when combining them with other terpenes or flavoring extracts.

Step Four

Now that your CBD oil is in the bottle, cap it and make sure it’s tightly sealed. The CBD oil you’ve just made is ready to use!

Store your CBD oil away from heat, light, and excess moisture, and always remember to keep the lid on tight. Your homemade CBD oil will stay fresh anywhere from 1-2 years if stored properly.

Different factors will play into your CBD oil’s expiry date, like the carrier oil used or any extra added ingredients.

****If you don’t want to use the heating method, you can still create your own CBD oils at home. All you need to do is mix your ingredients and let them dissolve. We recommend heating because it expedites the process, and the CBD powder dissolves much faster.


Why make CBD oil at home over buying it in store?

Making your own CBD oil is much less expensive than buying it from a store. CBD Isolate is one of the most affordable CBD products you can buy, and the rest of the ingredients don’t cost much either.

To compare, one gram of CBD Isolate here at Mellow is $20, vs. $40 if you buy it already made. Buying and making CBD oil in bulk can add up to huge savings over the long run.

Making CBD Oil: Isolate or Distillate?

You can use either one. CBD Isolate is 99.9% pure CBD, while Distillate can be either Full or Broad Spectrum. Which one you choose is completely up to you.

Full Spectrum products will contain traces of THC, Broad Spectrum or Isolate products contain non-detectable levels of THC.

Why did my CBD oil crystallize?

If your homemade CBD has crystallized, you may be trying to put too much CBD (or other cannabinoids) in the carrier oil.

The mixture can only be so concentrated before it won’t dissolve any more product in it. While the actual amounts are highly debated, the upper solubility limit is generally around 50% CBD to 30ml of MCT oil. This number will vary widely depending on which carrier oil you use.

The higher the concentration of CBD in the carrier oil, the higher the risk of crystallization. To prevent this from happening, try to stick to 2000mg of CBD to every 30ml of carrier oil used.

You can experiment with this number. If your CBD oil starts to crystallize, heating it again and adding a bit more of your carrier oil to it can solve the problem.

Closing thoughts on making your own CBD oil

While it may be a little daunting if you’re just starting with creating your own CBD oils, the process is actually very simple and straightforward, as well as inexpensive.

Playing around with different formulas, concentrations, and flavorings will allow you to fully customize your CBD and allow you to create all sorts of different CBD oils.

Stay tuned for future articles, where we’ll go into making your own CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and topical CBD products at home.


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