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I have ordered a few times from Mellow and now believe that their name is synonymous with quality. Always top notch product and customer service. I can’t recommend Mellow heavily enough, if you need a quality, reliable source of CBD.

Top quality product, sensible pricing, fast and courteous service make for a happy returning customer 🙂

Great price, great product, prompt shipping.

Absolutely love this product. Don’t need any Arthritis medicine anymore. Just my cbd oil. Definitely makes me feel energized and feeling terrific. Free from any joint or muscle pain and aches

Toujours un très bon service et des bons prix. Merci

This product came just in time and is 100% amazing, Don’t know how I would have gotten through my IBS attacks without this product, and Mellow’s has such great value. Will be ordering again.

I’ve tried cbd isolate from a bunch of different vendors. This is the best quality I’ve seen. Very pure and noticeable crystalline texture. Very helpful for anxiety and sleep issues.

Insomnia? What insomnia? Whether I put CBD in home-made gummies or mix it to vape … CBD Isolate obliterated my insomnia.

As always… great service, fast delivery and the best products!

First time Mellow user, as well experience with other cbd providers. Packaging and shipping was fast and I received my produce 2 days ahead of time. I was spending 100$ a month for my cbd dose and now 4 months for 100$ instead. Thank you for the free cbd soap, I had 3 people comment on the quality and state it was the best hand soap they ever used. Keep up the good work, returning customer here.

Great service, Canada post lost the package and a new was promptly shipped out. My dog thanks you also 😁

Not my first time ordering, so I knew what to expect. Checkout process was easy, shipped out promptly. Arrived well packaged, safe and on time. Great products at a good price. I’ll definitely come back to buy again.

Some of the best CBD iso I’ve been able to find and for some of the most reasonable prices around! In a world of janky and sketchy CBD suppliers it’s extremely refreshing dealing with MELLOW from the shopping experience to Tracking my shipment! Strongly recommended.

Quick service, good product, I have purchased CBD Isolate from Mellow before, which convinced me to use them again. This Isolate has no taste I can detect when dissolving it under my tongue… it does exactly what I need it to. Mellow will probably be my go-to for CBD from now on.

Awesome customer service! Had a few questions and they were quick to reply which was reassuring. Product came quick and was well packaged. I have tried isolate from several other moms and this beats all of them, hands down. I even made some CBD honey for my mother in law and she couldn’t believe that you could make such a quality product on your own, for such a good price. This was definitely a good find, I only wish I found them earlier.

Thank-you good people working at Mellow. I get this product for my 85 year old mom who has had a hip replacement and surgery for colon cancer. She has trouble sleeping and I have had her take all kinds of sleep remedies such as valerian and combinations of herbal formulas for sleep. She complains that they make her groggy the next day like prescriptions. Not so with the CBD powder. She falls asleep rapidly and remains asleep all night. I ordered a batch and she found it not effective like the last 2 orders so I contacted Mellow and they sent me another batch which is working for her. They are so good on returns and want your satisfaction on the product. I am very happy to be dealing with this company they are very fair and understanding. My mom is very satisfied as well. Thank-you Mellow.

Quick delivery and works great for my dog with hip displasia. Got it for him cause it was costing us 100 bucks a month for his dose when we did the bottles now I just make my own bottles for about 25~ a month.

This place has the best service, ultimate pricing, quick shipping, not much else to ask for. oh except for they are actually knowledgable about there products. Any concerns over a product you would have they have already thought of it and only provide the BEST and will answer any questions. I have tried other local sources and multiple international, they are now my go to! I have taken the time to scour sources, so order and re order with confidence 😉

Could not have had a better experience ordering CBD isolate. Excellent price, value, packaging, and the shipping arrived from BC – ON in almost the same time as I’ve experienced using express post. Buymellow has my business for CBD products, will buy again and highly recommend.

First time buyer and I’m so happy to have found this company. High quality cbd for an incredible low price. Thank you so much!!!

Exactly the weight I purchased. Exactly the effects I was looking for. Stronger and cheaper than buying oils already containing it at the store. And the shipping from BC to Ontario was faster than my purchases elsewhere from a city over. You must make cookies for the mailman or something. Class act guys. I’m really impressed so far.

Excellent service like always. My questions are answered within a short period and very professional. My orders come in the date specified or earlier. Great company to deal with!!

Love the product and the service is top notch as well!

Ordered three grams and received it promptly and the packaging was discreet and well insulated. The isolate itself is amazing and does exactly what it’s intended for. I found the quality and potency to be excellent. Another thing of note was the customer service. There was a slight problem on Canada Post’s end (not an issue with buymellow at all) and they were able to help me through the entire process and went above and beyond what I expected to get the issue resolved. This is definitely my go-to source for CBD now and I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in using CBD to improve their quality of life.

Havent tried it for sleeping yet, but it really helped to balance my mood and ease pain during migraine & back/neck pain episodes. Works much better than other brands I've tried, and service/shipping was awesome. Looking forward to try other Mellow products.

Excellent service après vente et livraison très rapide, perfect strengh for me, anti-inflammatoire et anti-douleurs, excellent produits, merci beaucoup

Cannot beat the quality of this product. Great value, plus volume discount, fast and free shipping. I am just wow-ed by the value!

C’est un produit de très bonne qualité qui soulage vraiment les douleurs et diminue l’anxiété. Le CBD est très indiqué pour les personnes avec des douleurs chroniques et non soulagé par la médication régulière (morphine opiacé en générale) . Ça vraiment changer ma vie depuis que je fait usage du CBD car je peux plus facilement m’activer et faire les choses qui me faisait le plus mal pour mes muscles.

This has been a miracle drug for me and my sciatica, pain totally gone and no other medication. Your service is excellent. My order usually arrives 3 to 4 days after placing my order, two thumbs up!

I buy this for my mom, she can’t take any pain killer because she’s allergic to most. It helped her through both knee’s being replaced. The concentration for the price is excellent and so is the service. I would highly recommend you try it to see what it can do for you!

It has change my live in the last year. I was suffering from Fibromialgie since the last 20 years and now suffering is 99% gone…. My reality of every mornings… Look’s unreal !!! I am not payed to say this…. That’s my reality Now.. Don’t tell me that Canabis oil is BS. Its done miracles for me!!!

Look I keep coming back. Looked around shopped around. I trust these guys I’m always answered correctly not trying to push sales contact them they help. Me with joint pain ,sleep and anxiety. These guys are changing my life one bottle at a time. Don’t shop and drift on the web for a better deal this is as good as it gets great product great price. 4 day shîpping coast to coast.

Great business experience so far. The webpage is very user friendly with pertinent information readily available. Package was discrete and packaged with care. Cannot review the CBD tincture yet as the first dosage was today. Will follow up!

I and my regular doctor had found that adding CBD to my day helps my blood pressure get to normal readings. This based on readings he took over a period of over a year. Prior to the CBD, I was always slightly high, no matter what we did. CBD was the thing that helped me make the final improvement. This is a major benefit for me. Mellow’s prices are great and their service was just what I expected – fast delivery, tracking. And I can buy in useful quantities. I’ll be back for more.

I purchased this product to give to our dog with Cushings disease. So far I have noticed quite an improvement in her constant panting and she does seem more alert. It is too soon to see if it will help with the muscle wasting and hair loss but hoping it will. I mix it with a bit of coconut oil and she takes it with no problem.

By far the highest quality CBD oil I have ever tried. Amazing calming effects, and taste!

It’s been 4 days since we started using the Mellow Pet CBD. There is a general overall improvement in his whole manner. I look forward to seeing more positive steps and will weight back in with an update. Thanks to Mellow for going out of their way for a first time customer. Professional service is alway appreciated.

I was weary of ordering online…you were a trusted Canadian company, so I went for it! Great service and product!

I bought a trial pack for my mom for mothers day, we both suffer from chronic pain and this has reduced it drastically. Quick and easy to order ! Definitely going to purchase again.

The CBD is very effective! My sister has chronic pain due to lupus and it’s difficult for her to fall asleep. After a week of consistently taking CBD, she is finally able to sleep without interruptions!

My 6 year old dog has epilepsy and while they’re mostly controlled with meds (Pheno/Keppra/Topiramate) we use full spectrum CBD to stop his seizures once they start (sublingual). Our regular supplier in Colorado stopped shipping to Canada earlier this year and so we were stuck looking for options after we ran out in July. Luckily, we’ve had success with this – dose 1mg/1kg of body weight (dilute with MCT/hemp seed oil as needed).

My 14 year old cat has been taking this for just over a week now and is like already 5 years younger. He has gained some weight and his fur has fluffed out; he is happier and calmer. Before he started taking this it was difficult for him to get on and off furniture, even with support aids but a couple of days ago he accidentally rolled off the bed, then immediately turned around and hopped right back on. I am so happy and relieved I could cry. Please note this is not a paid review. I know there is no definitive research on cbd oil for pets but I had to try this, and am so glad I did. I give him 3-5 drops with his wet food every morning. This bottle should last about 8 weeks from what I can see. Truly grateful, will be buying again.

We started giving our nine year old female Doberman Mellow CBD Tincture three weeks ago. She has suffered from arthritis for a number of years. Due to her high liver numbers our Vet. did not feel she should be given an NSAID. She had extensive knee surgery when she was three, which has gradually become larger and more painful. Because we lost our older Doberman to cancer, we welcomed a puppy into our family. The boisterous puppy has been physically quite hard on Ginger. As a retired pharmacologist, I have been extremely skeptical about the anecdotal claims made for cannabis and specifically CBD. I am now a convert and a believer. After three weeks treatment with Mellow pet CBD, our nine year old demonstrates the vitality of a five year old. She moves more freely, has much more energy and plays with the puppy. The pain she has suffered with for years is no longer evident. Now she plays with the puppy and can even jump onto the chesterfield. As our Vet. said “you have your girl back.” Thank you Mellow.


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