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Mellow Oil Focus Natural Terpene Blend 5mL

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Food-grade terpenes, extracted from plants. No artificial terpenes.


Eucalyptol, Limonene, Alpha Bisabolol, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Geraniol Natural Palmarosa, Alpha Terpinene, Nerol, Terpinolene, Myrcene

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Mellow Oil Focus Natural Terpene Blend 5mL Earn 299 Reward Points
CAD $ 29.99

Mellow Oil Focus : Natural terpene blend

Mellow Oil Focus is a meticulously formulated blend of natural terpenes designed to enhance mental clarity and concentration.

Packaged in a compact 5ml bottle, this product leverages the therapeutic potential of terpenes, organic compounds found in essential oils of plants, to potentially influence cognitive functions and mood.

Ideal for those seeking a natural approach to maintaining focus during demanding tasks, this terpene blend is free from THC and CBD, making it accessible to a broad audience looking for non-cannabis related cognitive support.

Its precise composition is tailored to optimize your mental state without the psychoactive effects associated with cannabinoids.


Texture and flavor profile

Mellow Oil Focus exhibits a unique texture and flavor profile that distinguishes it from other wellness products.

The oil is smooth and light, allowing for easy application and rapid absorption without leaving any greasy residue.

Flavor-wise, it presents a subtle, earthy aroma with hints of pine and citrus, derived naturally from the terpenes.

These aromatic compounds not only contribute to the sensory experience but also enhance the overall effectiveness of the product by engaging the senses.

This makes Mellow Oil Focus a pleasant addition to daily routines, catering to users who appreciate a product that combines therapeutic benefits with a delightful sensory experience.


Health benefits of Mellow Oil Focus

Mellow Oil Focus offers several health benefits that make it a valuable addition to your wellness routine:

  • Enhanced mental clarity: The blend of natural terpenes is designed to sharpen focus and improve concentration, which is particularly beneficial during tasks that require sustained mental effort.
  • Mood regulation: Terpenes have been studied for their potential to influence mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, providing a calming effect that does not impair cognitive functions.
  • Increased alertness: The stimulating properties of certain terpenes in the blend can help boost alertness, making it easier to stay engaged and attentive without the need for stimulants like caffeine.
  • Neuroprotective properties: Some terpenes are believed to offer protective benefits for the brain, which can be crucial in managing the long-term health of neural pathways.
  • Natural ingredients: For those looking to avoid synthetic additives, Mellow Oil Focus is formulated with all-natural ingredients, offering a clean and wholesome alternative to chemically derived products.


Suggested use

Add 2-10 drops (10 drops is approximately 0.5mL) with Mellow BASE Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil for full effect.

Adjust blend as needed.





Do NOT use before dilution.

Do NOT consume directly.

3 reviews for Mellow Oil Focus Natural Terpene Blend 5mL

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  1. I love these terps! All of them. Gives a boost to an already great and beneficial product. Thanks Mellow!

  2. Tasty turpines!!

  3. Get me more focus and stop the hamster in my mind.

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