Mellow Purity 99% + CBD Isolate
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Mellow Purity 99% + CBD Isolate

CAD $ 36.00CAD $ 1,999.00



(356 customer reviews)

Mellow offers the highest quality natural CBD isolate that is non-GMO and pesticide free, extracted from North American industrial hemp, resulting in 99% + pure cannabidiol (CBD) with no THC or any other cannabinoids. CO2 extraction means our CBD isolate is a clean, odourless, flavourless crystalline powder, giving you the ultimate in flexibility when preparing your plant-based wellness regimen.

We recommend CBD isolate for its versatility. CBD isolate can easily be added to a variety of things — drinks, smoothies, baking, food recipes or used with other ingestion methods. Its crystalline (powdered) form makes it super easy to work with as an ingredient or just add to your CBD tinctures to give them a boost. Mellow PURITY CBD Isolate has 0% THC, is non-psychoactive, naturally decarboxylated, pure hemp CBD isolate powder. Just remember, CBD is fat soluble, so it works best when it can mingle with other fats.

Read more about how to use CBD isolate.

Ingredients: Anhydrous hemp oil, no other active ingredients.


*Satisfaction guarantee applies to purchases of 5G or less. If in doubt, please buy a sample size of 5G or less before purchasing a larger quantity.


Note: Lab results are ± 0.5% accuracy. 

Additional information


1 gram ($18/g), 2 gram ($18/g), 5 single gram jars ($18/g), 5 gram jar ($17/g), 10 single gram jars ($18/g), 10 gram jar ($14/g), 14 gram jar ($14/g), 28 gram jar ($13/g), 50 gram jar ($11/g), 100 gram jar ($9/g), 250 gram jar ($6/g), 500 gram jar ($6/g), 1000 gram jar ($5/g)

356 reviews for Mellow Purity 99% + CBD Isolate

  1. Pierrette (verified owner)

    C’est la deuxième fois que je commande de Mellow,toujours bon service et bon produit.J’ai recommander à plusieurs personnes d’acheter vos produit.

  2. Darryl (verified owner)

    Fast service

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    good product, good service

  4. Traci (verified owner)

    As always, fantastic service, great product & quick delivery!

  5. Frank (verified owner)

    Burns well also totally dissolves in oil and stays diluted does not get cloudy stays clear through out and I make 4 oz at a time. Keeps its structure once dissolved

  6. Paul K. (verified owner)

    economical and effective high quality product

  7. Ronald F. (verified owner)

    The best

  8. Scott D. (verified owner)

    Quick Delivery and great product

  9. David (verified owner)

    Great product!

  10. Owen (verified owner)

    Order arrived quickly. Was simple to make CBD oil with this and MCT oil from health food section at grocery store! Cost per 50ml dropper bottle at 33mg/.ml is WAY more economical than buying ready made! Quality product, will order again when this batch runs out!

  11. Tom W. (verified owner)

    Mellow products are excellent but I just can’t afford them on a regular basis. With the powdered concentrate, I can make my own CBD oils and topicals. Just made a batch using 9 grams: 3 x30ml oils in MCT oil and two small tins of topicals. Won’t see the outcome for months. But I can do 5 bottles of home made CBD oil for the price of one store bought one.
    I had experimented with CBD for years in bud form from legal medical providers. Smoking it, vaping it, making edibles and gel caps for sublingual- NOTHING! I seem to have a high tolerance for it- less than 60mg pr dropper sublingually I notice nothing. CBD does one thing for me and that is reduce inflammation. That is a big deal for arthritis sufferers.
    And for me, sublingual or topical are the only way to go.

  12. Darren (verified owner)

    quick delivery ,quality product

  13. Tyrone B (verified owner)

    Knock your socks off, amazing product.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product, great service! 🙂

  15. Elissa (verified owner)

    Happy with my order.

  16. Lori H. (verified owner)

    Great product @ a great price!

  17. Jean-Claude (verified owner)

    The product as always are perfect, even though this time I didn’t received the small spoon in the package to go with it and as I had forgot to put this second order in my first order even though I had leave a note about it, I had been charged a bit more, so next time I’ll check twice and try to not forget anything…

  18. Mark T (verified owner)

    Great company, awesome service, fast shipping and great product!

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Such a great place to deal with got product super fast

  20. Maureen M. (verified owner)

    Love it. I use it to make skin creams and it is an amazing ingredient.

  21. David (verified owner)

    Great product

  22. Steven S. (verified owner)

    I love this product for controlling my arthritis. I had an issue with my order which was resolved quickly and professionally. I always recommend BuyMellow for all your CBD needs.

  23. blair m (verified owner)

    superb products all the way

  24. serge (verified owner)

    The best effect and best prices

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it. Use it for my super senior dog

  26. Susanna J (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery of high quality product at a fair price.

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)


  28. jean-claude (verified owner)

    As usual, perfect

  29. Levi (verified owner)

    Great product, really cheap. My girlfriend loves it, jus been making our own capsules and it’s much cheaper than the dispensary. 10/10

  30. Daniel B (verified owner)

    Je suis entièrement satisfait du produit ceci m’aide beaucoup pour mon mal de dos. Je vous en suis reconnaissant.

  31. CHARLES D. (verified owner)

    Excellent as always! Great product at a friendly price, and your service is top-notch. Sincerely.

  32. Joshua L (verified owner)

    Clean and pure product at a great price.

  33. Sonja (verified owner)

    Your product is good and your delivery service was excellent.

  34. jean-claude (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, perfect every time, thank you

  35. Nancy Stahls (verified owner)

    Excellent price and delivery

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Top tier quality, service and delivery. What can I say, aside from the product is the best out there, and for the best cost, and with the best delivery. There is no equal.

  37. Chelley C. (verified owner)

    Good product, very quick shipping!

  38. jean-claude (verified owner)

    Awesome service, fast.

  39. Wes S. (verified owner)

    Excellent product, I use it to make my own custom strength tinctures and it works really well. Ordering process is easy, delivery was very quick.

  40. Matthew V (verified owner)

    Love it

  41. Susan F (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  42. Chris L (verified owner)

    Great and fast

  43. Traci (verified owner)

    Great customer service, quick delivery and very happy with the product!
    I ordered 14 oz but they were out of stock. They responded right away and adjusted my order to 15oz at no extra cost!
    Greatly appreciated!

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best quality price in canada in my opinion

  45. Claude L. (verified owner)

    Livraison rapide , bonne efficacité .

  46. serge (verified owner)

    Always quality CBD

  47. jean-claude (verified owner)

    Great service, fast shipping, couldn’t ask for more, thank you

  48. Chris J. (verified owner)

    Truely excellent. It beats tunas cbd isolate price point wise, and is just as neutral flavorwise. Plus they provided lab testing which was pretty cool. I even had some technical questions and they had someone who was able to answer. Cool company. Id deffso recommend

  49. nicholas h. (verified owner)

    Great product.
    I will definitely be purchasing more in the near future

  50. Mr.Ressler (verified owner)

    After my other review I was quickly responded to in an email from someone who works here with mellow. I just need to clear the air here after my review. Yes what I said was all true in my opinion but mellow contacted me right away basically and there customer service is absolutely amazing. They gave me suggestions and they also said they would reimburse my payment. My order has been over a month ago and I just did a review late and they didn’t care. They only cared that I would be happy. I did not take the refund as they provided me with a Purity 5000mg oil. I am waiting for it but they have been superb! Honestly will probably try out the coffee beans next. Thank you guys

  51. Mr.Ressler (verified owner)

    So I bought 14 g a while back and it was alright, when I was waiting for it to arrive I purchased a separate g off a retailer in my town. Compared between the 2 the one I got from town seemed to be more potent. I paid $30 for just the gram as here with mellow I paid $140 or something for the 14 grams. So after a while longer I decided to purchase 28 grams from mellow. When I received it, it seemed even less potent then the first batch of 14 grams I received… as per a comment above I do agree when added to coffee it becomes hard and does not want to dissolve. I don’t know if it’s the extraction method you guys are using or what’s going on. I don’t know if I will be ordering anymore tbh. Pay for what you get I guess

    from the Mellow Team:

    Mr. Ressler – We’ve reached out to you and hopefully we can help find out why you’re experiencing such poor bioavailability with our isolate.

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product is exactly what it says it is. We will be back. Thank You!

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very Good service. Quality product, good communication! 👌🏽

  54. Bob A (verified owner)

    Best way to combat insomnia!

  55. Mathieu R. (verified owner)

    Good quality fast shipping

  56. Christopher L (verified owner)

    It kind burns the throat when dabbed, also it forms rock hard chunks which are hard to dissolve in coffee

  57. Scott D. (verified owner)

    I have purchased this several times now and it’s always a great product. It arrived on time and well packaged.

  58. Dan H (verified owner)

    Excellent Service

  59. Josee (verified owner)

    Very good services and fast shipping ! Thank you !

  60. Conrad (verified owner)

    Good quality, great prices and fast delivery. What more can you ask for?

  61. alain trottier (verified owner)

    trs bon pour la douleur

  62. Mike K. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, consistent product… been using their product for a couple of years now with no problems and no concerns.

  63. Jessica (verified owner)

    Haven’t been disappointed at all with their cbd and cbg products. Will continue to order more.

  64. serge (verified owner)

    Pure🙂 best Price Fast safe délivery

  65. Susan (verified owner)

    Customer service is above and beyond! Product received exactly as described and fast! Product is amazing!!! Can’t say enough good things about Mellow!! 😁👍🏼

  66. Spencer A. (verified owner)

    As ordered…received

  67. Matthew (verified owner)

    Excellent Purchase! Top product and customer service as always 👌

  68. Les I (verified owner)

    I have been working with Mellow for 2 years now!! I have full trust in them and the product and suppliers they choose

  69. C (verified owner)

    Good product at a good price

  70. Ellen M. (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Quick delivery. Super price. Helping both myself and my dog lead a more pain free life.👍

  71. Melissa (verified owner)

    Great CBD isolate at a decent price. Always a smooth transaction.

  72. Dave C. (verified owner)

    Great product, fast service & shipping. Very reliable.

  73. Raymond (verified owner)

    Good product and fast delivery!

  74. Steven S. (verified owner)

    If you can find a better price in Canada, please let me know. Product is excellent quality as well. Easily dissolves in coconut oil for making tinctures.

  75. Debra (verified owner)

    fast delivery!, great product!

  76. Corinne E. (verified owner)

    Great price

  77. Nikki B. (verified owner)

    This is my first time buying from BuyMellow, I was a little hesitant in a buying a bigger quantity, but it worked out great! I always get my isolates retested after I buy them, for my confidence in making products and they came back as pure as described! Very happy about that, I also tested for residual solvents and there was none, that is also good to know. Super fast delivery. A great product and reliable company. I will buy again and recommend the company!

  78. serge fortin (verified owner)

    Nice stuff

  79. Brian (verified owner)

    Great prices, best quality, fast service: what’s not to like? Thanks as always!

  80. Patrick (verified owner)

    Thanks for the great product.

  81. Michelle P. (verified owner)

    I use this to make CBD oil for my horse! Very quick delivery and always get what I order! I love that u always have specials, makes it very affordable!

  82. Cody L. (verified owner)

    Great customer service and the product is great aswell!

  83. Sherry (verified owner)

    Your company and products are simply amazing…..very top notch. I will not shop for CBD anywhere else as your shipping is same day, with tracking, and the ordering process is sooo simple…..but of course, for the amazing CBD that “really works effectively” for my fibromyalgia, fantastic product and company, keep it up!!😊

  84. Pierre-Paul R (verified owner)

    Best place to buy cbd isolate in canada

  85. CHARLES D. (verified owner)

    Your services and products are top-notch. 5 Stars. ‘Nothing to complain about.

  86. Ariel (verified owner)

    Product was thoughtfully and carefully packaged. High purity and does what it’s supposed to! Shockingly fast shipping. Helpful staff and impressive customer service, which seems rare these days. Thanks again!

  87. Isabelle J. (verified owner)

    Le service à la clientèle et la marchandise rendent l’expérience irréprochable ! Merci beaucoup et gratitude.🙏🏻

  88. Sasha (verified owner)

    Could never be happier with my purchase, this helps my whole family and I will continue to buy from buymellow!!!!! Love you guys m!!!!

  89. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The best price for 1 gram of CBD isolate. I use it to make CBD oil for my anxious dog!

  90. Kelly S (verified owner)

    Great company to deal with. They have great products and great prices, with top notch service. Always a pleasure to do business.

  91. Brian (verified owner)

    Arrived on time, great product!

  92. Joseph (verified owner)

    Excellent product, fast delivery

  93. Janice L. (verified owner)

    Great product! Works well!

  94. Ed C. (verified owner)

    First time trying CBD Isolate so not sure how to compare or what to expect. All seems good so far. Thank you

  95. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Always a great product and delivered very quickly

  96. isabellej (verified owner)

    Je suis une fervente admiratrice d’isolat de CBD et j’ai acheté ici pour la première fois. Je suis vraiment satisfaite du service et de la qualité du produit. C’est une belle découverte, j’en suis très heureuse franchement. J’ai trouvé un fournisseur qui comprend ma passion du CBD et m’encourage. J’ai beaucoup de respect et ce n’est que le début !

  97. Lucie L. (verified owner)

    Excellent service, I am a return customer and very pleased with this product.

  98. Mike (verified owner)

    Great product, weight accurate, fast shipping. I had some questions after I received it and left it on the online chat, was answered next business day.

  99. Melissa (verified owner)

    Quality CBD isolate.

  100. Linda M. (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased this product several times in the past year. Good stuff

  101. Patrick (verified owner)

    Recieved top shelf product and fast delivery. Thanks Guys!

  102. Judith (verified owner)

    Very nice product. Will order again. Excellent service.

  103. Brian K (verified owner)

    Same as above.

  104. Mollie J. (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery, good service and the CBD was as expected. Slight taste, but not nearly as much as others I’ve used.

  105. Gabriel C. (verified owner)

    Always best price and top quality

  106. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ordered to make CBD oil for my anxious dog. Very affordable! Dissolved it into 100 ml of organic hemp seed oil to create an oil with 10mg of CBD per ml. Easy to dose and it’s definitely helped my dog’s anxiety!

  107. Jordan I (verified owner)

    Easy to mix for cbd oil.

  108. rachel (verified owner)

    Good for calming

  109. mitchell (verified owner)

    best service around.. slight hempy smell but otherwise best source in canada! Thanks again!

  110. Suzana (verified owner)

    The best service ever! Half an hour after İ made order, İ received email that my order was shipped. Within less than 48 hours a received the order. İ live in Toronto! The product is as superb as their service is. Amazing company!

  111. Gabriel c. (verified owner)

    Good quality cbd iso and great quality services 👌

  112. Jillian L. (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and excellent service. Have ordered twice before and will definitely be ordering again!

  113. Paul (verified owner)

    Best quality. Best price.

  114. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great price, dissolved easily in olive oil, came promptly

  115. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic product at a great price. Will buy again.

  116. John L (verified owner)

    Real quick shipping, very happy with my purchase. Good stuff.

  117. Janice (verified owner)

    So glad I found you!

  118. Sandra T. (verified owner)

    Great price, excellent service!

  119. James R (verified owner)

    I had a defieciecy on weight of my purchase, but they made it up to me by double the amount, and paid for shipping as well. I was in complete shock!! Additionally, the customer service person was very professional, he earned my business, and my respect.

  120. Maxine H (verified owner)

    It’s great …it is was a pleasure dealing with your agent and he gave me useful tips …most of all I feel trust with your company…thank you.

  121. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Mixed after a few minutes with olive oil

  122. Timothy (verified owner)

    I misunderstood and thought that this was cannabis extract not hemp


    Hi Timothy, Sorry about the misunderstanding. Mellow specializes in hemp (cannabis sativa) derived cannabinoids with no THC or only trace THC.

  123. John (verified owner)

    It really helps my neuropathy from a construction accident that left me with severe unrelenting pain.

  124. Sheila E (verified owner)

    Absolutely works for me. Takes all inflammation, body aches away. Replaces all arthritis medication. Also use every single morning, and after my cbd Im definitely ready to go,full of energy. Highly recomend

  125. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Came very quick, and the CBD was very effective as an anxiolytic and for scoliosis pain. Recommend.

  126. Brian F. (verified owner)

    Hands down the best cbd online at the best price. Service is amazing. I don’t buy cbd anywhere else.

  127. MICHAEL O (verified owner)

    Great price and quick delivery!

  128. Matthew (verified owner)

    Great price on time and Quality product

  129. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Dissolved in olive oil after about 10 minutes. Excellent product !

  130. Donovan (verified owner)

    The quality and shipping speed is unrivalled in my experience with cbd products.

  131. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product and service very pleased

  132. Ivan (verified owner)

    I usually like the broad spectrum stuff but I often buy isolate to throw in an extra punch of CBD into the mix.

  133. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Great product and the best customer service I’ve ever had. They have great consistent quality control as well, I’m very impressed with this company.

  134. Melissa (verified owner)

    Great product and showed up quickly. Im really happy and will be returning for larger quantity next time. Thanks!

  135. Kirsten K (verified owner)

    I like the packaging I haven’t honestly tried this one yet

  136. Mark F. (verified owner)

    This product seems to increase the effectiveness of CBD oil.

  137. Ricky L. (verified owner)

    Amazing. Ordering more.

  138. GILLES B (verified owner)

    As per my response of the CBG….im trying to if not cure at least stop my kydney cancer with the two products…..the prices are verry verry competitive specialy the 25 % off……that is a game changer….and the service is perfect

  139. Terren (verified owner)

    Since they were .able to take my order over the phone, I pulled less hair. Computers are not my favorite tool! The product seems fine, but am taking medicinal mushrooms and changing major habits as well, so cannot yet be definitive about effect. Certainly nothing negative. All good so far, thank you!

  140. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Cheap and easy to dose

  141. Donovan M (verified owner)

    Great quality isolate dissolves perfectly in fluid however I only received two thirds of the stated quantity.


    We’ve reached out to find out where the large discrepancy is coming from and to make sure you get any product that appears missing. We go to great lengths to insure products are accurately weighed and dispensed. Apologies for any issues.

  142. Charlene P (verified owner)

    I haven’t used this yet so I am hoping that the isolets are as good as one I bought from a different company

  143. Laëlle B (verified owner)

    Je capote sur ce produit. je ne veut pas acheter de CBD au SQDC, parce qu’il est pas fort, étant donner que big pharma a des parts dans ce comme.

  144. John R. (verified owner)

    Mixed this CBD Isolate with some MCT coconut oil at 5g CBD to 100ml oil and it seems to work equally well to the commercial pre-mixed CBD oils at the same strength (at less than 1/3 the price for the finished product). Shipping was very quick.

  145. v (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service and product! Price is reasonable too! My CBD isolate was delivered within 3 days. It’s been tremendously helpful in alleviating my headaches and head tension since a car accident years ago. Felt a huge difference after I started using it

  146. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I give the effectiveness of the product five stars for helping with my pain as well as for pricing. The overall three stars is for the fact that it doesn’t dissolve in my coffee at all. I was buying from another company that closed its doors and was forced to find another place. Considering it’s powder form I expected it to dissolve. Not sure if I will purchase again or not.


    We’ve reached out with additional information, but CBD isolate should *NOT* dissolve in any primarily water based liquid, as it is fat soluble only. Some of it may bond with the oils in the coffee, but most of it would stick to the side of the vessel, just like oil and water would react. CBD will revert to a form with enough heat that will easily blend with most fats / oils naturally. We do offer a “water soluble NANO CBD powder” that is designed to be mixed with water based liquids.

  147. Scott L (verified owner)

    wife loves it, best price out there

  148. Valentina V. (verified owner)

    Great Service love the products

  149. Lindsay Jorgensen (verified owner)

    Could you please email me the data sheets

  150. Sheila E (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product. No more medication for me. This receives all my pain,aches and any stiffness. Also bumps up my energy each morning and I sleep perfectly

  151. CHARLES D. (verified owner)

    Very good quality CBD Isolate at a very fair price. I believe we’ll be doing this for a very long time. Sincerely.

  152. Miranda B. (verified owner)

    Great CBD isolate, great price.

  153. Paul M. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and best prices in Canada. Ordered 3 times now and always fast and reliable shipping and customer service. Wish I could afford an oz

  154. Ellen F. (verified owner)

    My family is really enjoying the pure CBD for our health. We use the isolate for day time calm and clarity.

  155. Janet B. (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly.

  156. Tyson (verified owner)

    Super happy with the product and delivery time!
    Excellent quality all around and would purchase again!
    Thanks mellow!

  157. Gabriel C (verified owner)

    Best price i can find in canada.

  158. Brent (verified owner)

    Great as always. I’ve been buying from you guys for a long time now.

  159. Brian (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. Excellent price, superior service. Quality and price can’t be beat. Thanks

  160. Justin L. (verified owner)

    Good stuff great to make oil. Quick ship quality product and always helpful staff at mellow

  161. Timothy C (verified owner)

    I was very pleased, thank you .

  162. Linda L. (verified owner)

    Awesome shopping experience. Fast shipping, good communication, great prices and customer service.
    Was hesitant and nervous at first about placing my order online but I took that big step and did it. I’m so very happy I did.
    By the way, I did some research first about what I should buy and where I could buy it. I read good reviews about Buymellow and my daughter’s fiance had recommended the company to me. I would definitely buy again from Buymellow.

  163. Jesse c (verified owner)

    These guys are truly amazing.
    I have taken alot of there time with questions and only placed 1 order,2 now,after 10 emails.. but they still replied without hesitation…I dont think I would have been that patient with myself.
    Quality of product is legit,and they are you’re classic good old west coast boys when it comes to attitude.and customer service.
    I have and will recommend them to anyone that needs proper cbd products.

  164. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great price. Shipped and received quickly.

  165. Thomas S (verified owner)

    Best prices I can find for high quality isolate. Always happy with purchase. Thanks,

  166. John C. (verified owner)

    Second time purchasing this product. Arrived in 4 days after placing order. Working well to help with arthritic pain.

  167. Richard F. (verified owner)

    Excellent for aches and pains. I find it helps me wake up if I take it in the am

  168. Dave C. (verified owner)

    Shipping very good, actually received day before. Ordering very easy. A pleasure to deal with, thanks guys.

  169. Ellen M. (verified owner)

    Awesome price for great product! Thanks from me and my old dog…., we both use it for aches and pains.

  170. Brian (verified owner)

    Buy Mellow has the best cbd on the market. I’ve had other isolates and there’s simply no comparison. From the color, to the texture. I got it to mix with mct oil and make my own oil. I will never buy premade again. My order is processed and recieved quicker than any other place. The price and quality simply cannot be beat. I recommend Buy Mellow to anyone that has medical issues. Thanks

  171. Pauline H (verified owner)

    This is working well. I can sleep without pain and it is wonderful 😊

  172. Gordon M (verified owner)

    Always what I need and expect

  173. Kirk D. (verified owner)

    Awesome product. I have been using for 2.5 years now to help keep inflammation down and my 15 year old black lab also shows noticable benefits and improvments in his daily life. Thank you all very much.

  174. mitch (verified owner)

    best customer service, price is right.. thanks!!

  175. Matthew (verified owner)

    Great service, great product, fast shipping.

  176. Shayna (verified owner)

    So versatile. I love this and definitely be back for more.

  177. Spencer (verified owner)

    Perfect, as always. I’ll be ordering again for sure!

  178. Billi O (verified owner)

    Amazing price, even if you don’t buy bulk like this, and super fast shipping! We mixed a gram into 10mg gummies for just under 2 months worth. This route is a super cost effective.

  179. Michael (verified owner)

    My order arrived very quickly and I was very pleased with the communication from mellow.

  180. Justin (verified owner)

    Great stuff. I have Taken oil , edibles , vape juice. This by far my favorite AMAZING price plus can put under tounge or dab it even drop In coffee. Mellow staff always helpful and knowledgeable

  181. Jackie P. (verified owner)

    A repeat purchase. I use this in capsules and in salves for pain. Excellent product. Also like Mellow’s prompt service.

  182. Mark F. (verified owner)

    We use this to strengthen the CBD I use at night, as well as for making oil for massage. A very good product

  183. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works well

  184. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy ordering. Quick Delivery. Bought it to help ease the pain of my daughters senior dog and it has improved his quality of sleep and he seems to be in less pain and also (subsequently?) less anxious. Mixed it with MCT Oil. Super Easy. Will order again.

  185. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing prices, fast shipping, and wonderful product. Definitely would recommend!

  186. Sara J. (verified owner)

    great product

  187. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great company to deal with. Fast delivery, good customer service

  188. Pierre-Paul (verified owner)

    The best place to buy cbd isolate in Canada

  189. Lois P (verified owner)

    very good

  190. Scott D (verified owner)

    Just what I needed

  191. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick shipping and great product. Mellow delivers as always!

  192. Steven S. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I tried, but couldn’t find a better price anywhere. Last time, I ordered 100grams. This time I went for 250. Much better packaging now too.

  193. Matthew M. (verified owner)

    Great price, great product, prompt shipping.

  194. Les (verified owner)

    Still need to work on price, but I will take relationship and quality first

  195. Terrence (verified owner)

    review of ordering and shipping only so far

  196. Stephane P. (verified owner)

    Same quality as others which sell 3 times your price

  197. Dave C. (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery great product.

  198. David (verified owner)

    Perfect Thank You!

  199. chris (verified owner)

    always good

  200. Dina E (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product. Don’t need any Arthritis medicine anymore. Just my cbd oil. Definitely makes me feel energized and feeling terrific. Free from any joint or muscle pain and aches

  201. Kelly S (verified owner)

    Very good company to deal with

  202. Janet (verified owner)

    Works great for pain relief and mixes easily.

  203. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick delivery.

  204. Janet (verified owner)

    I had originally ordered 5 x 1 gm containers of the CBD isolate, but received 1 x 5 gm container instead, making it difficult to mix a small amount at once. I notified the company and they sent the corrected order immediately, but I’m still waiting for the return slip for the first, incorrect order.

  205. Gordon Morris (verified owner)

    Surprisingly fast delivery. Best CBD that I have bought.

  206. Theresa (verified owner)

    Excellent fast shipping

  207. Dan (verified owner)

    Great stuff.

  208. Sharon (verified owner)

    Was on the lookout for a good CBD isolate so I can make my own oil/tincture and this was it! Good price, 3rd party lab tested, quick shipping, and excellent customer service!

  209. Lauren (verified owner)

    Amazing product. It mixes well when making my own CBD oil, and this product makes it much more affordable for people who need to take CBD daily. Thanks Mellow!

  210. Krista (verified owner)

    I’m always coming back here. This is not CBD from China trust me. The stuff is amazing and always at a good price.

  211. Wendy (verified owner)

    This is the easiest and most cost effective way to buy CBD. It easily dissolves in your choice of oil. I am very pleased with the product and with the service of this company!

  212. Dawn W (verified owner)

    It appears to be helping with my Benzo withdrawal which has so far lasted a year and 3 months.

  213. Mark (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff! fantastic purity and even better price

  214. STEVE (verified owner)

    All good with this transaction. Fast shipping good product.

  215. Lyne (verified owner)

    Toujours un très bon service et des bons prix. Merci

  216. Neil McLean (verified owner)

    1. I ordered 10 grams and 9.7 grams showed up.
    2. The isolate did not dissolve completely into oil. There were quite a few residual crystals that are stuck in suspension, no matter what is done.
    3. The powder is extremely bitter. Almost suspiciously so. I don’t know if I got a bad batch, but I was disappointed all the same.


    We’re sorry about any issues you may have had with our product, and have reached out to offer a full replacement, as well as more information to see if it was a larger issue. Residual crystals in CBD isolate usually dissolve with a bit of heat, time and more mixing.

  217. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product and great company. BuyMellow is awesome!

  218. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I dilute it in MCT oil to make tincture. It helps with my chronic inflammations.

  219. Gary (verified owner)

    As always – easy, accurate and quick.

  220. Anonymous (verified owner)

    best in the market!

  221. Dave C. (verified owner)

    My wife suffers from PMR, by taking this it helps to sleep & to move in the mornings. Thank you Mellow.

  222. Bram P. (verified owner)

    This product came just in time and is 100% amazing, Don’t know how I would have gotten through my IBS attacks without this product, and Mellow’s has such great value. Will be ordering again.

  223. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service every time!!!

  224. Gordon M (verified owner)

    I carry this pocket sized container with me daily to take my dose of 99% pure CBD without THC every four hours to cope with sore knees as I continue working as a contractor at age 70. Only with your help.

  225. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve tried cbd isolate from a bunch of different vendors. This is the best quality I’ve seen. Very pure and noticeable crystalline texture. Very helpful for anxiety and sleep issues.

  226. Omer (verified owner)

    still experiencing arthritis pain . will see after I finish my product .

  227. Bob A. (verified owner)

    Insomnia? What insomnia? Whether I put CBD in home-made gummies or mix it to vape … CBD Isolate obliterated my insomnia.

  228. Rick (verified owner)

    As always…great service, fast delivery and the best products!

  229. Laurence C. (verified owner)

    First time Mellow user, as well experience with other cbd providers. Packaging and shipping was fast and I received my produce 2 days ahead of time. I was spending 100$ a month for my cbd dose and now 4 months for 100$ instead. Thank you for the free cbd soap, I had 3 people comment on the quality and state it was the best hand soap they ever used. Keep up the good work, returning customer here.

  230. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good

  231. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is very effective for pain relief and very easy on the pocketbook. Lots of bang for your buck especially with a toke of THC. I honestly can’t say enough great things about this company: fast shipping, wonderful customer service and a fantastic product.

  232. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service, Canada post lost the package and a new was promptly shipped out.
    My dog thanks you also 😁

  233. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to work with. Does wonders for inflammation, muscle spasms. Seems to help with my COPD issues. Will definitely purchase again!

  234. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping and helpful staff. As for the CBD Isolate, I still need more time before I can make a review.

  235. Denis C (verified owner)

    Product is high quality and service is amazing! Highly recommend!

  236. Emily B. (verified owner)

    Not my first time ordering, so I knew what to expect. Checkout process was easy, shipped out promptly. Arrived well packaged, safe and on time. Great products at a good price. I’ll definitely come back to buy again.

  237. Mitchell M. (verified owner)

    Mixed with MCT oil no problems at all. Will buy again

  238. Alex (verified owner)


  239. Dustin (verified owner)

    Great product, great price, great service! 🙂

  240. mike f (verified owner)


  241. Lauren (verified owner)

    works great to make cbd oil with!

  242. Caroline (verified owner)

    Exactly what i need

  243. Ben (verified owner)

    Some of the best CBD iso I’ve been able to find and for some of the most reasonable prices around! In a world of janky and sketchy CBD suppliers it’s extremely refreshing dealing with MELLOW from the shopping experience to Tracking my shipment!
    Strongly recommend

  244. Anthony (verified owner)

    Excellent and effectice powder when mixed with MCT oil. Would recommend purchasing for recurring CBD dosing.

  245. Gerald R. (verified owner)

    very nice product

  246. Krista J. (verified owner)

    No words to express how happy I am! Will be reordering. Very high quality 👌

  247. Mike (verified owner)

    Quick service, good product, I have purchased CBD Isolate from Mellow before, which convinced me to use them again. This Isolate has no taste I can detect when dissolving it under my tongue… it does exactly what I need it to. Mellow will probably be my go-to for CBD from now on.

  248. Clayton P (verified owner)

    Great product great deliver time. Thank you

  249. Chad (verified owner)

    Great product, speedy delivery

  250. Richard F. (verified owner)

    Good stuff, overall better feeling after dosing with this.

  251. Kelly S (verified owner)

    Always great service and products. BuyMellow is a great company to deal with!!

  252. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This stuff is fantastic – easily the cheapest mg:cost ratio I’ve found and super easy to use to make your own oils, tinctures, edibles and however else you want to consume it.

  253. Linda K (verified owner)

    great delivery time,

  254. Chris A (verified owner)

    Ive tried 3 other sources and these guys are the best!

  255. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service and product. My goto for CBD isolate

  256. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Made my own MCT CBD with it. Definitely noticed it’s calming effects early on. Would buy again.

  257. Scott (verified owner)

    I use this stuff to make my own CBD oil for my dogs, not sure if there is too much difference between this Hemp CBD and Pot CBD, but if there isn’t then it’s the price that will keep me coming back.

  258. Alex (verified owner)

    Very happy with it.

  259. Paul M. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great price and excellent product! Will buy again.

  260. Pierre-Paul (verified owner)

    The best place to buy cbd isolate in Canada!

  261. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this stuff.

  262. Shawn H. (verified owner)

    Excelent Service

  263. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quality and price are great.

  264. Dawn W (verified owner)

    I’m using the isolate to curb ugly withdrawal from benzodiazepine med. Really started to notice a difference after about 2 weeks of using about 44 mg per day splitting the dose into 2 parts per day. Got excellent customer service whenever I emailed questions. Even got a great free bar of soap with my order! VERY happy with this company and their product.

  265. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome as always

  266. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Seems to smoke smoother than other isolates I’ve tried and the price is amazing. Extremely happy with this and I will definitely be purchasing this again in the future.

  267. Laëlle Lyne (verified owner)

    J’adore !!!

  268. Jillian L. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, great packaging and quick shipping. 😊

  269. Chris (verified owner)

    Great isolate, mixes easily, works well for pain.
    No longer suffer from anxiety. Nose used to bleed periodically, especially when trying to sleep on my stomach, no longer have them and can now sleep as I like.
    Given some to friends and family and every agrees that this is good stuff.

  270. Bill R. (verified owner)

    I make my own cbd tincture and the for the price the quality is really good.I used to buy “dab it”cbd by the gram and melt it into my mct oil but it gets crazy expensive !!I came across this site and was very happy with my experience.The containers it comes in are a little cheap but do their job …Thank you Mellow 😎🍕🍕

  271. Gary (verified owner)

    This was my 3rd order and in every instance I got exactly what I ordered, quickly and when I’ve called in for support or information it was very helpful and thorough.

  272. benjamin (verified owner)

    Always good product and great price, can be added to cheap weed for an extra boost or vaped. love it.

  273. Caroline S. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Helped with inflammation and pain so I could sleep at night.

  274. Lukas S. (verified owner)

    Dispatched quickly. Came pure and perfect. I’m very satisfied with this purchase.

  275. Sara J. (verified owner)

    bought this to make my own tinctures. it worked perfectly

  276. Evan (verified owner)

    Great isolate for a great price, came quick even with the slower shipping. Couldn’t ask for more.

  277. Danielle (verified owner)

    Works wonders, buy it in bulk and it relieves inflammation and helped anxiety. It’s like a miracle drug! Haha.

  278. Thomas Volpe (verified owner)

    overall top notch products 6 STARS

  279. Joel (verified owner)

    Works good. Price is decent. I take less than a fingernails worth and put it inbetween my gums. Really “mellows” me out. Ha!

  280. Maxime L (verified owner)

    my second time ordering this is the best

  281. Scott (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service! Had a few questions and they were quick to reply which was reassuring. Product came quick and was well packaged. I have tried isolate from several other moms and this beats all of them, hands down. I even made some CBD honey for my mother in law and she couldn’t believe that you could make such a quality product on your own, for such a good price. This was definitely a good find, I only wish I found them earlier.

  282. Rick (verified owner)

    Everything went smoothly and Iam happy with the product. Even during this pandemic I received my package within a couple days. Thanks And Stay Safe !

  283. Lyne (verified owner)

    it’s good to be able to make my own oil

  284. Yolanda (verified owner)

    Thank-you good people working at Mellow. I get this product for my 85 year old mom who has had a hip replacement and surgery for colon cancer. She has trouble sleeping and I have had her take all kinds of sleep remedies such as valerian and combinations of herbal formulas for sleep. She complains that they make her groggy the next day like prescriptions. Not so with the CBD powder. She falls asleep rapidly and remains asleep all night. I ordered a batch and she found it not effective like the last 2 orders so I contacted Mellow and they sent me another batch which is working for her. They are so good on returns and want your satisfaction on the product. I am very happy to be dealing with this company they are very fair and understanding. My mom is very satisfied as well. Thank-you Mellow.

  285. Kelly S (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about the service and product I get from this company!!

  286. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Got my order just in time thanks team mellow

  287. Pete S (verified owner)

    Fast mail delivery despite covid delays. 2nd time buy, good packaging and fast shipping. Very happy with this product, just placed another order.

  288. Maxime L (verified owner)

    i just got my second order and its the best as usual and they even gave me a free cbd soap! thanks

  289. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really good services and products !

  290. Steven (verified owner)

    2nd order and I’m very satisfied

  291. Jason (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and works great for my dog with hip displasia. Got it for him cause it was costing us 100 bucks a month for his dose when we did the bottles now I just make my own bottles for about 25~ a month.

  292. Gary (verified owner)

    Received exactly what I ordered when it was expected and the product allows me to function in my 36th year with RA without biologics.

  293. John S. (verified owner)

    I added this to an oil I made from CBD distillate for an added boost of CBD. It works well for my needs.

  294. Eli (verified owner)

    good product and quick delivery

  295. Lyne (verified owner)

    Parfait pour faire soi-même notre huile. J’aimerais bien savoir pourquoi les prix qui sont inscrits sur ce sondage sont plus bas que ce que je paie ???

  296. Les I (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Buy Mellow!!! Great product, great 3 rd party test and amazing customer service!!! Thx!!

  297. Emmanuel (verified owner)

    It is what it is. No more no less. Very powdery be careful when opening jar. Fast delivery. Will buy again.

  298. saskabush (verified owner)

    This place has the best service, ultimate pricing, quick shipping, not much else to ask for. oh except for they are actually knowledgable about there products. Any concerns over a product you would have they have already thought of it and only provide the BEST and will answer any questions. I have tried other local sources and multiple international, they are now my go to! I have taken the time to scour sources, so order and re order with confidence 😉

  299. Charles (verified owner)

    The best quality Cbd isolate by far Mellow is the best quality and it’s crystal powder no odour no taste it’s the best I have seen on the in Canada out of many Cannabis hemp other online websites Or moms it tests well over 99% it’s awesome quality the price is by far the best. You can use it in water juice sublingual ,edibles you can do a lot with it too. I will be buying more of Mellow’s isolate for sure again thanks guys

  300. Jordan (verified owner)

    Exactly as advertised. Dissolved easily into MCT oil and it helps me sleep at night.

  301. Pete (verified owner)

    Could not have had a better experience ordering CBD isolate. Excellent price, value, packaging, and the shipping arrived from BC – ON in almost the same time as I’ve experienced using express post. Buymellow has my business for CBD products, will buy again and highly recommend.

  302. Jessica L. (verified owner)

    Great product I add to everything

  303. louise c. (verified owner)

    good for the pain in my knees

  304. Karen H. (verified owner)

    It works really well to reduce pain. Has a bitter taste in food.

  305. Frank (verified owner)

    Great service and great product

  306. Pierre-Paul (verified owner)

    first time ordering and very satisfied, i buy cbd isolate here because it was lab tested. Will buy again.

  307. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Literally the cheapest you can get this, excellent quality as well

  308. Chad Dupuis (verified owner)


  309. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy process, great delivery and good price. Thanks.

  310. Dan (verified owner)

    good price and releaf.

  311. Paul (verified owner)

    I’ll be back 🙂

  312. Bryan D. (verified owner)

    Really appreciate the service BuyMellow provides, the isolate helps me alleviate some of the cost of consuming a cbd product. I mix it with a carrier oil or two and I have a tincture that helps with so much in my life, it’s hard for me to put the positive impact to words. Thankyou to the operators of this service, BuyMellow you’ve been great!

  313. Chris (verified owner)

    Very good product, using it for my son’s anxiety, wife’s cervical dystonia (missing cartilage in her neck vertibrae), and my pain from a recent broken ankle.
    I have been using CBD for about a year or so now, it seems to have cured my own anxiety that had developed a few years ago.
    Excellent service and fast delivery.
    Highly recommend, mixes with MCT oil, although I do microwave the mixture for about 20 seconds or so till full dilution.
    I add a half dropper of terpenes to each 30ml bottle I make, to add flavours.
    Friends and family are impressed by its effects, thanks Mellow!

  314. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good product , service & fast delivery

  315. Lyne (verified owner)

    Perfect production good advient from the chat but I paid 24.00 not 14.90

  316. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Works well, thank you. Much cheaper than what the govt is trying to force on us.

  317. Anonymous (verified owner)

    High quality products and services. Will purchase again.

  318. Charles (verified owner)

    Quality products and pricing is fair for sure these guys will always help you out with whatever your looking for when it comes to there products for sure. I will definitely be using them all the time thanks Mellow

  319. Kimberly W (verified owner)

    First time buyer and I’m so happy to have found this company. High quality cbd for an incredible low price. Thank you so much!!!

  320. Steve S. (verified owner)

    I find this isolate to be slightly more crystalline than others I’ve tried. This makes it so much easier to use, as it doesn’t stick to everything like icing sugar. It dissolves easily in coconut oil, so making tinctures is a breeze. I do wish I could buy more than the 100 grams to save more money, but their prices are still hard to beat.

  321. Shane T. (verified owner)

    Always simple, always easy to order from, and processing is unbelievably fast. Prices are among the best I have found, and product is exactly what you would expect from the description. I am a repeat customer who plans to repeat many more times.

  322. Simon L (verified owner)

    Good product

  323. Gregory R. (verified owner)

    Exactly the weight I purchased. Exactly the effects I was looking for. Stronger and cheaper than buying oils already containing it at the store.

    And the shipping from BC to Ontario was faster than my purchases elsewhere from a city over. You must make cookies for the mailman or something.

    Class act guys. I’m really impressed so far.

  324. Meghan M. (verified owner)

    Love this product. Ordered 3 grams for my first time, and I am super impressed. Very high quality and really good price. So far I’ve made my own CBD oil using this and can’t wait to use it in other ways. Will be ordering again when I run out. Thanks Mellow

  325. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect !

  326. Ian (verified owner)

    Always 100% satisfied with this Isolate powder, and love the free shipping and periodic discounts!

  327. Christopher D. (verified owner)

    Great product will buy again

  328. Kelly S (verified owner)

    Excellent service like always. My questions are answered within a short period and very professional. My orders come in the date specified or earlier. Great company to deal with!!

  329. Susan D. (verified owner)

    I make gummies to aid my Man’s pain relief. Mellow offers quality CBD Isolate that is affordable

  330. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Shipped fast. Will buy again.

  331. Josh (verified owner)

    Amazing product and great service. Will definitely be ordering more. Mixes perfectly with MCT oil to make tinctures.

  332. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Definitely has a taste. Works well sublingually and dissolves into gummies. It adds a bitter taste.

  333. Bryson W. (verified owner)

    High quality CBD at a great price. My friends who ask me to make CBD oil are always happy when I’m using Mellow CBD.

  334. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent prices and very good support. I’m not able to truly test anything but the isolate appears to be of high quality. This is the best source of CBD isolate I’ve been able to find.

  335. Saint Thomas (verified owner)

    Iv been taking buy mellow brand cbd isolate for mental illness and i must say i am EXTREMELY pleased with the results. And at least for myself it is actually MORE effective then any pharmaceutical medication i have EVER taken ( iv taken over 6 different medications for my illness). It has been almost 6 weeks since my last scheduled dose of pharmaceuticals and im doing better then i have in over 13 years. If it weren’t for Mellow cbd i might not have started taking only cbd for my illness so soon and im very glad i did, and i am also very greatful ! You can expect me to be ordering much as i can afford. My intention is to secure a long-term supply as an extra precaution due to the fact that i intend to continue taking cbd for the rest of my life and would like to secure at least 2 or 3 year supply. Changed my life !

  336. Colleen (verified owner)

    Extremely pleased with the fast delivery, only 2 days. I have been a CBD oil user for a couple years and tried many brands and can say the quality of Mellow’s isolate is top notch. It is so nice to be able to make my own oil now. Also great priceing sure helps us seniors. Thanks😀

  337. Janet v. (verified owner)

    Very happy with the relief I get from chronic back pain with this product.

  338. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Have ordered a few times before and I Got in on the black Friday deal with a discount and free shipping and it was well worth it …. Has always had the best quality of any I have tried . The price ain’t bad but Sadly due to expensive shipping I usually need to go elsewhere. If only I had the black Friday price all the time!

  339. Belma (verified owner)

  340. Janell Flynn (verified owner)

    Perfect, once again!

  341. Bryan (verified owner)

    Love the product and the service is top notch as well!

  342. Janell F (verified owner)

    Amazing! Works well and super fast shipping. Keep it up!

  343. macronut (verified owner)

    Exactly as described. Will shop again. Thank you Mellow Crew!

  344. Bigs420 (verified owner)

    I’m giving my 17 year old cat CBD Isolate in fish oil and I must say it’s helping him a lot. Gives him energy and seems to help with his back pain. We may even start taking some ourselves soon via another type of oil. Customer service is top notch. I highly recommend Mellow!!!

  345. Stefan R (verified owner)

    The service was like no other. Within an hour of placing my order, I had received an email from Mellow that my order was shipped! Their prices are also unbeatable!

  346. rick.l (verified owner)

    Great product…easy to do! Shipped fast and no problems…Awesome service!

  347. Sunny (verified owner)

    Ordered a gram, showed up in a few days and only costed a little over 20 bucks! Dissolved it in some mct oil and it worked like a charm. This stuff is the real deal.

  348. James L (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Came quickly with no hassle. Just make sure you don’t drop the containers as they pop open easily and I managed to lose a gram. Good thing I bought 3 grams and not just 1!

  349. dave514 (verified owner)

    Ordered three grams and received it promptly and the packaging was discreet and well insulated. The isolate itself is amazing and does exactly what it’s intended for. I found the quality and potency to be excellent.
    Another thing of note was the customer service. There was a slight problem on Canada Post’s end (not an issue with buymellow at all) and they were able to help me through the entire process and went above and beyond what I expected to get the issue resolved. This is definitely my go-to source for CBD now and I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in using CBD to improve their quality of life.

  350. alk177 (verified owner)

    Love the CBD Isolate, arrived very quickly. Exceptional customer service gets 5 stars!

  351. Gary (verified owner)

    Really great, high-quality CBD isolate. I used mine to create a hemp oil based CBD tincture and after only a couple of uses I can already tell the difference between this and other isolates I’ve bought from less reputable companies. The customer service was excellent as well. There was a very minor mix-up with my order but they sorted it out immediately and even threw in a free coupon for my next order. I’ll definitely be ordering from here again and will recommend them to anyone looking for CBD products.

  352. gordon (verified owner)

    Bought wholesale, let my friend test it out. Result : pain relief not as Effective but everyone is different. Slept thru alarm clock so who needs a good rest or Insomnia this might be for you, will test product myself later in the future. Mixed with mct oil. Cheapest isolate I can found so far in Canada. Customer service is good. Fast reply.

  353. darren (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Pure and white. Dissolves well into mct and grapeseed oil! Tastes of cherry which is a good sign of purity! Very potent health benefits from this product! Only reason for 4 star is the silicone insert caused me hassle and loss of a little product. Would be 4.5/5 if possible! Great product with amazing customer service and prices! Found my new go too!

  354. kjardine (verified owner)

    Great price and product. Fast free shipping.

  355. 420 advocate (verified owner)

    Seriously GREAT buy. No joke these guys are legit! The customer service is seriously on point! Fast shipping. Very clean cbd! Dabs taste like the cherry. ive grown to love that about good quality cbd. Very recommended.

  356. 420 advocate (verified owner)

    Customer service is awesome. Ill let you know how the cbd is once ive had a dab.

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