Mellow Purity CBC Cannabichromene Isolate

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CBC interacts with receptors like TRPV1 and TRPA1, both of which are linked to pain perception and the level of endocannabinoids in the body, such as anandamide. CBC interferes with the chemical processes that degrade these receptors, and boosts our bodies’ cannabinoid receptors supporting the entourage effect.

CBC – Cannabichromene isolate comes in liquid form and will ship in a syringe, small jar or media bottle.

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1 mL ($61.49/mL), 5 mL ($56.49/mL), 10 mL ($56.49/mL), 25 mL ($40.80/mL), 50 mL ($38.25/mL), 100 mL ($34.00/mL)

7 reviews for Mellow Purity CBC Cannabichromene Isolate

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  1. Great product, always in stock…

  2. superb products all the way

  3. Not quite as soluble/misable as assumed but wonderful product

  4. Nice sealed packaging. Clean taste slightly bitter smooth mixed with other Cannabinoids to vape

  5. Good Stuff

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