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sleeBD Melatonin + CBD Mint Flavoured Vegetable Capsules with 600mg CBD

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If you’re struggling to fall asleep in general or are failing to do so while on a long flight, sleeBD with melatonin helps. Each capsule contains melatonin, pure CBD, valerian root, chamomile and vitamin B6. Enjoy better sleep that can help you feel more refreshed in the morning and throughout your day.

Each bottle contains 30 vegan capsules that contains 20mg of pure CBD, 10mg of Melatonin, 160mg Valerian Root, 155mg Chamomile and 155mg Vitamin B6.

9 reviews for sleeBD Melatonin + CBD Mint Flavoured Vegetable Capsules with 600mg CBD

  1. Judy (verified owner)

    Now I can wake up at night and go back to sleep, as opposed to waking up at 2:00 am and staying awake. Thanks so much.

  2. Allan E (verified owner)

    Great product. Has relieved my osteoarthritis pain. Super delivery time.

  3. Scott (verified owner)

    Definately improves my sleep quality but leaves me feeling foggy and tired in the morning for the first few hours after being awake. Once that passes I feel much more rested and relaxed.

  4. Allan E (verified owner)

    Great product. Prompt delivery. At age 71, it helps me sleep thru the night after a physical day of yard work & aches & pains.

  5. Andrew M (verified owner)

    issues with Valerian root, so cannot give accurate comment. mellowCBD is great, this product is an odd man out. Stick to the products produced by mellowCBD.

  6. Alex V (verified owner)

    Wife is useing it and she seems to like the product.

  7. Steph G. (verified owner)

    This calms me down to the point where I am the ultimate relaxed and after falling asleep, keeps me in a deep sleep for a solid 6 hours. A huge improvement from the 3 hrs before that.

  8. Louise (verified owner)

    It really helps to have a good night sleep.

  9. Allan E (verified owner)

    Quick delivery & best comfortable deep sleep yet.

    Better than CBD Hemp Oil liquid administered with eye dropper.

    Thx Mellow for giving me my sleep back.

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