Can CBD help with anxiety?

CBD, a therapeutic and non-intoxicating compound in cannabis is used by people for many reasons, including anxiety. In a U.S. survey of over 2,000 CBD users, anxiety was in the top three responses for why users turn to the compound. 

While anxiety is a normal part of life when faced with various stressors, it can also take over and start hindering well-being if left unmanaged. An estimated 3 million+ adults in Canada reported having an anxiety or mood disorder in 2013, with over a quarter of those people reporting the disorder negatively affects their quality of life.

A life filled with anxiety can be exhausting and difficult to manage. Turning to a mental health professional is a good start and should be paired with other lifestyle changes and coping mechanisms that reduce anxiety. Not everyone has access to see a mental health professional though, or they’re looking for more ways to cope on a daily basis, and that’s where the possibility of using CBD for anxiety comes in. 

What the research says about CBD and anxiety 

Antidepressants are commonly prescribed as a way to manage anxiety. While we used to think antidepressants worked by increasing serotonin, researchers now believe some of the effectiveness of antidepressants comes from their ability to promote neurogenesis. 


This process essentially describes the brain firing off new neurons and connections. Neurogenesis plays a huge role in young development but also occurs in lower amounts for adults. 

Studies have found cannabinoids like CBD may help proliferate hippocampal cell regeneration, encouraging neurogenesis. When paired with other lifestyle choices like a consistent sleep schedule, exercise, and a healthy diet, CBD may help speed up the brain’s recovery from anxiety, firing off new neurons and benefitting the user. 

5-HT1A Receptor 

Some anti-anxiety drugs, like Buspirone, and some other medications like antipsychotics and antidepressants target the 5-HT1A receptor. This is a serotonin receptor that interacts with a protein that may play a large role in the regulation of anxiety and mood. 

Researchers have found that CBD may act as a facilitator of 5-HT1A signaling, making it a promising tool for managing anxiety and regulating mood. 

How CBD may help your anxiety

Alongside other changes, such as seeing a mental health professional, changing your daily routine, exercising, and regular eating, CBD may be a beneficial compound to incorporate in your anxiety management routine. 

Some people may choose to keep a CBD tincture on hand, to sublingually administer if they feel a sense of anxiety coming on. Others may choose to regularly consume CBD in a preventative way, to keep the mind at ease and to help stimulate neurogenesis alongside other activities that encourage healthy brain activity. 

If you’re struggling with anxiety, finding a treatment plan that works best for you is crucial. This should include a number of coping mechanisms and tools, from seeing a therapist or journaling to exercising, changing your sleeping habits, and everything in between.

CBD may be a promising tool to incorporate in your plan and speed up your path to managing anxiety and getting the quality of life you deserve. 

Want to try CBD for anxiety?

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